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Job Details

The Fountainview Center - Atlanta, GA


Activity Assistant/CNA

To perform direct resident care duties under the supervision of the Program Director, to assist in program design that responds to the needs, interest and special abilities of the residents. You must respect and preserve the resident’s rights to privacy and dignities at all times and observe all personal and property rights. You must consistently use good body mechanics.

Demonstrate initiative and reliability in performing assigned duties.

Must demonstrate a positive attitude in regards to coworkers, interdepartmental relations and department goals.

Must possess good physical, mental and emotional health and be able to cope with the stress of the position and stay calm in all situations.

Understand and use Universal precautions and follow established infection control, hazardous communication and other safety rules.


I understand this job description and its requirements. I understand that this is not an all-inclusive list of job functions and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned. I understand that Management may alter the job functions without notice. I understand that this job description in no way constitutes an employment agreement and that I am an at-will employee.


Must have a certified Nursing Assistant Certification in good standing and meet all applicable Federal and State Certification requirements and have completed Fountainview’s Dementia Intensive Training Program.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Must have the ability to work well with others and take direction in a pleasant and courteous manner.

Must have successfully completed the specified Circle Leader education training.

Will demonstrate consistent, prompt and reliable attendance.

Demonstrate and initiate a positive attitude in interacting with Residents.

Listed below is an outline of the major duties and responsibilities that you will be required to perform. As a Circle Leader, you are delegated to the responsibility and accountability necessary to carry out your assigned duties.

Every effort has been make to make your job description as complete as possible. However, it in no way states or implies that these are the only duties you will be required to perform. Other related duties necessary to meet operational and State needs may be assigned to you.


The Fountainview Mission Statement will be known, owned and energized by every Staff member.


Your responsibilities are as follows:


Carry out work that the Program Director assigns to you.

Use constructive feedback to communicate any unusual change in any situation.

Encourage Resident to preserve remaining abilities and compensate for deteriorating skills while assisting with ADL’s or other activity. Let them do what they can for themselves even if it takes a little longer.

Must be able to accept change and ma

Assist in planning programs and carrying out programs and activities with sensitivity of individual interest and how the Resident with dementia perceives or responds to those programs or activities.

Care and use of all supplies and equipment, report any supplies needed or equipment failures to the Program Director.

Document all responses and attendance. Make sure you count unplanned or structured activities in your documentation. You are encouraged to make notes on the 24-hour report.

Consistently act as a coach for staff or families who lack knowledge in caring for a person with dementia. Inform family member of our support group.

Care and use of all supplies and equipment is a must. Return all unused supplies to closet. KEEP CLOSETS NEAT.

Plan ahead and create a list of supplies needed and give to Program Director at least 2 weeks in advance. Circle Leaders will be expected to help create and plan some activities on the calendar according to needs of the pavilion.

Recognize Residents need for sleep and rest and assist them to a recliner or to their room to rest.

Program areas should always remain as calm and quiet as possible to minimize confusion and frustration.

Prepare tables for meals. Allow able Residents to help with tablecloths, serve and assist with meals. Be able to recognize Residents needs of special equipment for eating and cueing. Avoid clattering of trays and dishes or LOUD CONVERSATIONS among staff. Please try to have conversation limited to speaking with the Residents not each other.

Circle Leaders are responsible for the music and TV on the pavilion and in the dining rooms. Please make sure there is a Resident appropriate CD playing at all times. The radio is not acceptable.

Attend in-services and specialized training and education classes to upgrade and enhance skills in your area of expertise.

Meal and break times must be taken out of the program areas unless otherwise specified.

Never leave Residents unattended for any reason.

Be aware and monitor all Residents and report any unusual changes to the Nurse.

Invite the assistance of our families for involvement and support to normal life interactions to the extent that the Resident is comfortable.

Using a non-regimented approach to interacting the Residents assumes a degree of flexibility. Approach the Resident in a way that they can remain in control and gently redirect in a non-threatening manner.

Promptly report all incidents and unusual occurrences involving Resident or yourself to the Nurse Manager.

Circle Leaders are responsible for general housekeeping duties in the Program areas. Return items from outside the Program Room. Move tables and chairs as needed, remove refuse, and assist Residents in transport to other areas of the building.

Must demonstrate initiative and reliability in performing assigned duties. Must be flexible, durable and adjustable.

Wear back support.

Demonstrate satisfactory attendance as defined in the Fountainview’s personnel policies.

Be able to perform fire drill and disaster drills successfully by knowing the correct procedure.

Make recommendations in reaching optimal life enhancing activities for our Residents.