Community Program Manager
Job Details
TouchPoint Baltimore - Baltimore, MD

Community & Program Managers (CPMs) report to the Director of Communities and are some of the primary community builders and coaches of Thread -- they plant themselves in a community of 150+ volunteers and young people, and then apply community organizing and antiracist principles to facilitate everyones strong relationships and positive personal, professional, and academic outcomes. CPMs work through the Thread Community Model, coaching, mobilizing, and empowering volunteers and youth to access the programming, resources, and other tools they need in order to thrive. Operating at Threads smaller high school sites, Community & Program Managers integrate into the partner school to develop and facilitate out-of-school programming, maintaining strong partnerships with school staff to share information and advocate for students.

The Thread Community Model is built upon CPMs directly coaching volunteer leaders, called GrandParents. Each GrandParent coaches eight volunteer leaders called Heads of Family. Each Head of Family leads, coaches, and organizes a Thread Family, which includes both Family Member volunteers and young people. Community & Program Managers ensure the effective and consistent implementation of this Model, ensuring everyone in the community is connected, engaged, and working towards their goals.

Community & Program Managers are responsible for monitoring the needs and goals of 150+ people, designing and implementing strategies to support them, and mobilizing them to events and activities throughout the month. At the same time, CPMs make every individual in their community feel seen and known, by being able to intimately connect with them and guide them through their personal growth journey as needed -- at the center of which is a racial equity journey. They do this by pairing strong project management, data, and organizing skills with a magnetic personality that can both energize and support people, even in the toughest moments.

Success will be measured by (1) the number of young people and volunteers engaged and retained, (2) the number of young people on track to graduate and graduated from high school, (3) the number of young people who have chosen and are prepared for their post-high school pathway, (4) the design and implementation of quality programming that delivers outcomes, and (5) qualitative feedback from volunteers and young people.

Key Responsibilities

Coaching, Community Building, and Volunteer Mobilization

  • Build positive, long-term relationships with Thread volunteers, especially GrandParents
  • Relentlessly facilitate and encourage relationships between volunteers and young people that elevate the power of young people, as the foundation for achieving exemplary outcomes
  • Develop and maintain a scalable team of Resource Team Volunteers, interns, and collaborators, coaching them to execute strategy and facilitate high school goal development and attainment.
  • Inform, educate, and foster growth of individuals at all stages of a racial equity journey
  • Use effective storytelling and facilitation to drive group and individual outcomes
  • Cultivate and retain high-performing GrandParents and Heads of Family

Volunteer Engagement and Mobilization

  • Ensure the engagement and growth of young people and their Family Member volunteers by coaching and mobilizing Grandparent and Head of Family volunteer leaders
  • Drive attendance to Thread programming, leveraging those spaces to model behavior, coach, and work towards key outcomes
  • Coach GrandParent volunteer leaders each month to reflect, grow, and strategize
  • Assist volunteers in removing barriers, including connecting with resources when needed
  • Recruit and develop prospective and current volunteers to fill empty volunteer leader positions (Heads of Family and Grandparents)

Partnership Development & Advocacy

  • Develop and maintain sustainable partnership with teachers and administrators in partner high school.
  • Advocate with school partners to prevent transfers, ensure student needs are met, provide relevant support, and exchange performance data.
  • Engage and leverage community partners to co-lead programming, distribute community resources, and more.

Personal Performance and Project Management

  • Build, implement, monitor, and adjust engagement and academic strategy for volunteers and young people to ensure positive outcomes, utilizing data and metrics, as well as qualitative info gathering
  • Design and implement programming to build the capacity of staff, volunteers, and young people to build meaningful relationships while working towards their goals.
  • Set mobilization targets and drive attendance to Thread programming accordingly
  • Regularly collect, verify, and analyze students academic and professional data, as well as community needs and barriers.
  • Plan and execute key student transition periods, including new student enrollment and the transition from high school to post-high school.
  • Ensure community compliance with budget, policies, etc.
  • Develop, manage, and assist with additional programs, projects, and duties as needed to achieve team goals


  • 3-5 years of demonstrated success in community organizing, coaching, and mobilizing people to take action; If you have work experience as a full-time campaign organizer, you are encouraged to apply.
  • At least 2 years of demonstrated success in project and program management, including building and developing a team of people towards common goals as well as data input, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Demonstrated commitment to and experience with equity and inclusion through an intersectional lens, including experience navigating and/or coaching others through a racial equity journey
  • Consistent access to a vehicle, as well as willingness to occasionally work evenings and weekends as needed
  • Highly responsive, adaptive communications style; ability to inspire one-on-one and in groups of all sizes
  • Ability to clearly communicate and live out Threads core values & core competencies.
  • Recognition of the ways that race and other identities (historically and presently) intersect and play out in the workplace.
  • Ability to work during the evenings and weekends if necessary.


  • Bachelors Degree in associated discipline
  • Familiarity with Baltimore human services landscape, including City Public School System, neighborhoods, and/or organizations and resources
  • Prior experience working in a youth-serving and/or nonprofit environment
  • Prior experience working with mobile app-based data input and with Salesforce
  • Fluency in a second language, especially Spanish