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Vice President of Infrastructure

Job Details

TouchPoint Baltimore - Baltimore, MD

Vice President of Infrastructure

Job Summary 

The VP is responsible for managing data, finances, and all accounting functions, as well as driving organizational-wide operations. Reporting to the CEO and serving as a member of our Thread Executive Team and is detail-oriented and has extensive experience with effective and efficient process management and project management. The VP works to achieve Thread’s mission by ensuring Thread community members are fiscally responsible and effective at executing the strategy of the organization. The VP drives organizational performance and maximizes the return on capital (human, financial & social) investments through development and implementation of policies, systems and processes that support the execution of strategic budgeting, cash flow management, day-to-day record keeping and reporting (payroll, accounts payable, receivable), preparation of balance sheets, and internal audits and controls. This VP is accountable for the administrative, data and operations of Thread to include the development of an operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve Thread’s assets and report accurate financial results. This VP is responsible for managing all of the data that Thread gathers about its community and for providing important insights from this data about how to best serve the Thread community and grow the organization responsibly. The VP coaches others to work through organizational business processes, supporting them in completing their work effectively and in congruence with our Thread values. This VP is also the lead for organizing, developing and coordinating high-quality Board of Director and Executive Team meeting narratives and presentations. 

Key Responsibilities 

Executive Team 

● Authentically engage in relationships with colleagues, especially across lines of difference, modeling, teaching and coaching the Thread Core Competencies: (a) Show all the way up; (b) Fail forward; (c) Treat relationships as wealth; and (d) Learn from all voices. 

● VP promotes working collaboratively within the entirety of the Thread community and providing insight and support to the finance and development teams,  including budget management and creation. 

● The VP is also a lead advisor on strategic organizational priorities and initiatives, making regular recommendations to the Thread Executive Team. 

● Share your journey of personal and professional growth with young people, volunteers, collaborators and staff.

● Actively practice communicating the explicit connection between driving towards outcomes and organizational imperatives and diversity, equity and inclusion. 

● Demonstrate the willingness and resilience to engage in an agile and flexible way.

● Engender and promote a culture of mutual respect and restoration and healing.

● Acknowledge in words and behavior that each individual and role bring a unique vantage point and support team members in leveraging that unique vantage   point to gain greater visibility that leads to shared understanding and optimized and iterative problem solving. 

● Ensure all data derived from Infrastructure efforts are reported to the CEO and Executive Team. 

Lead, Coach, and Coordinate the Infrastructure Lane 

● Lead the Infrastructure Lane, responsible for the data, finance and information technology strategy, planning and execution 

● Attract, develop, and retain high-performing staff members 

● Oversee, develop, and work through direct reports to empower, motivate, and mentor the entire Infrastructure Lane, serving as a thought partner, strategist, and coach, ensuring continual learning and development as well as progress toward hitting key metrics: 

             ○ Manage the Director of Data Operations, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of Thread’s data systems and operations, including basic                    IT services, data collection and report and process management 

             ○ Manage the Director of Finance, who is responsible for the day-to-day finance planning and operations including accounting, AR, AP, deposits,                                reimbursements, credit card expenses and payroll. 

● Build positive, long-term relationships within and across Lanes with staff 

● Instill a sense of accountability among staff members by modeling transparency and oversight of individual and organization performance standards 

● Provide leadership to optimize communication and cohesiveness of the staff team 

Program and Finance Data Strategy, Analysis and Oversight, Planning, and Analysis

● Develop overall finance strategy for Thread with built in agility to adjust projections as needed 

● Integrate program and financial data and develop multi-year forecasts to support optimization of resource allocation 

● Engage and build the capacity of staff members to understand the intersection of program and finance and spend responsibly 

● Oversee and manage the end of year program and financial data close processes, including the annual financial audit by independent auditing firm and all tax  filings

● Review and approve all required financial filings

● Ensure that the organization complies with all legal and regulatory requirements related to fiduciary matters 

● Monitor cash balances, cash forecasts, capital requests 

● Align revenue with organizational impact 

● Lead the development and implementation of an investment strategy 

● Support the Directors of Finance and Development in the development and implementation of annual budgets and monthly staff and quarterly Board and grant       reports 

● Serve as the staff lead for the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors 

● Work collaboratively with the Audit Committee to ensure the organization’s policies protect Thread’s assets and have reliable internal financial controls 

Operations and Planning 

● Act as our chief process and operations manager, steering the Lane lead toward achieving our strategic priorities as detailed in our strategic plan 

● Support the Director of Data Strategy and Operations in the development and implementation of a yearly operational plan based on the strategic plan, in  collaboration with the Executive Team, that addresses yearly budget, staffing, communications and the operational optimization of programs 

● Support operational performance and revenue generation through the implementation of systems, processes and practices that support timely, user-friendly data reporting

● Identify opportunities to leverage outside vendors in administrative roles, both to minimize resource expenditure and harness expertise 

● Manage organization contracts 

● Understand and act upon best practices re: data collection from a systems and business process perspective, as well as how to well incorporate data into day-to-day functions so that it drives actions and decisions 

● Evaluate effectiveness of all of an organization's systems, processes and technologies on an ongoing basis; identify, find and manage solutions to meet the    needs i.e. tool development and adoption, equipment maintenance, file back-up, security, etc 


● 10+ years experience in executive level experience
● Proven track record of managing finances and operations in a rapid-growth, changing
● Demonstrated financial analysis and forecasting expertise in consulting, accounting,
   budgeting, investment banking, or similar field

● Data management, data structure and data analysis experience including experience
   with database design; experience working with SalesForce preferred
● Excellent analytical skills, able to think critically at an abstract level, and decompose
   problems clearly
● Demonstrated experience in the assessment, selection and implementation of finance
   and operations tools
● Excellent presentation skills with an exceptional ability to use data to tell a compelling,
   accurate and cohesive story through the creation of eye-catching presentations and visuals
● Ability to think and plan strategically and tactically in order to meet goals