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Community Engagement Specialist

Job Details

TouchPoint Baltimore - Baltimore, MD

Community Engagement Specialists facilitate the core of Threads mission by enrolling and supporting new Thread students and volunteers to build strong relationships and take initial steps towards high school graduation and post-high school completion. This one-year immersion role will anchor around enrolling new 9th grade students in the spring through in-school events, home visits, and digital engagement; supporting newly enrolled students with engaging in both Thread and their high school consistently; helping recruit new volunteers in the fall to pair with new students; and facilitating strong student-volunteer relationships throughout the year. Other responsibilities will be determined based on need and capacity, including facilitating Threads programming, engaging with in-school staff, and distributing data to volunteers and students.


While we ultimately serve young people, Threads innovation is that we leverage a robust volunteer-based model to execute our work. Through the Thread Community Model, each young person is coached by a Thread Family of dedicated volunteers who offer the primary relationships and support for 10 years. Community Engagement Specialists will act as the initial Thread Family for new students to set a strong foundation for engagement, and then help enroll and onboard new volunteers to gradually take over those responsibilities.


This one-year role is designed to maximize the exposure and skillbuilding needed to perform Threads core roles and functions, including community engagement and recruitment, project management, and data analysis. Success will primarily be measured by (1) the number of new Thread students enrolled and (2) the ongoing engagement and support of those young people in attending school and Thread programming. While key responsibilities are below, they may evolve.


Key Responsibilities


Recruitment & Enrollment

  • Work closely with staff, volunteers, and students to execute Threads new student enrollment process, including logistics, interviews, paper collection, and home visits to ensure Thread enrolls its targeted number of new students
  • Onboard new students and their caregivers to Thread, including clearly communicating Threads offerings and policies, expectations for young people, and guidance on how to leverage the community effectively
  • Assist in recruiting volunteers and resources from university and neighborhood partners to fill new and existing Thread Families


Community Engagement & Mobilization

  • Support young people and volunteers in developing strong relationships
  • Mobilize young people and volunteers to high school credit completion and Thread programming through coordination, rides, and other direct support
  • Manage and execute new student and caregiver communications


Programming Facilitation & Administration

  • Support the execution of info sessions, welcome weeks, and other Thread programming for recruitment, relationship-strengthening, and homework completion
  • Input and distribute student and volunteer data as needed around demographics, contact info, engagement, academics, Thread Family composition, and more
  • Develop, manage, and assist with additional programs and projects as needed to achieve team goals

  • At least one year of experience in community organizing, youth engagement, teaching, and/or project/program management
  • Prior experience working with the Thread community (as a volunteer, student, collaborator, staff member, etc.) highly preferred
  • Comfort conducting home and neighborhood visits, and interacting with diverse populations including high school students, parents/guardians, and school-based staff
  • Consistent access to a vehicle and ability to work nights and weekends is required
  • Strong technical, administrative, and data skills, as well as attention to detail
  • Strong alignment to Threads model, mission, and theory of change, including a belief in volunteers as the most effective relationships and support for young people
  • Demonstrated commitment to and experience with equity and inclusion through an intersectional lens
  • Highly responsive, adaptive verbal and written communications style; ability to inspire one-on-one and in groups of all sizes
  • Ability to clearly communicate and live out Threads core values & core competencies.