Transfer School Program Manager
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TouchPoint Baltimore - Baltimore, MD
Transfer School Program Manager

Transfer School Program Managers are responsible for planning and executing Threads strategy to ensure Thread young people who have transferred out of their original high school still graduate from high school and land in a post-high school pathway that enables them to thrive. This includes developing and facilitating out-of-school programming that meets transfer student and volunteer needs; developing and maintaining strong partnerships with 20+ transfer high schools to share information and advocate for students; minimizing transfers and ensuring that students are enrolled in best-fit schools; and working with counterpart staff (Community Managers and Resources Managers) to ensure that every young person has the skills, knowledge, opportunities, and support they need to succeed.


While we ultimately serve young people, Threads innovation is that we leverage a robust volunteer-based model to execute our work. Through the Thread Community Model, each young person is part of a Thread Family and is coached by dedicated Family Member volunteers. Those volunteers are coached by a volunteer leader called a Head of Family. Every eight Heads of Family are coached by a senior volunteer leader called a Grandparent. Separately, Thread engages Resource Team Volunteers as content or functional experts to support the community by providing tutoring, post-high school advising, and more. The Transfer School Program Manager is responsible for building the knowledge and capacity of all volunteers to ensure Thread young people achieve their academic and professional goals.


Success will be measured by (1) the number of young people on track to graduate and graduated from high school, (2) the number of young people who have chosen and are prepared for their post-high school pathway, (3) the design and implementation of quality programming that delivers outcomes, and (4) qualitative feedback from volunteers and young people. While key responsibilities are below, they may evolve.



Key Responsibilities


Program & Project Design and Implementation

  • Build and implement strategy to ensure that assigned high school (HS) young people set and complete academic/professional goals from enrollment through their 5th year
  • Design and implement programming to build the capacity of staff, volunteers, and young people to build meaningful relationships while working towards their goals.
  • Identify ongoing community needs and barriers through quantitative and qualitative data collection in collaboration with counterpart staff.
  • Regularly collect, verify, and analyze students academic and professional data, distributing it to volunteers and young people to monitor their progress.
  • Plan and execute key student transition periods, including new student enrollment, school re-enrollment, and the transition from high school to post-high school.
  • Develop, manage, and assist with additional programs and projects as needed to achieve organizational outcomes.


Partnership Development & Advocacy

  • Develop and maintain sustainable partnerships with teachers and administrators in assigned transfer high schools.
  • Advocate with all school partners to ensure student needs are met, provide relevant support, and exchange performance data.
  • Engage and leverage community partners to co-lead programming, distribute community resources, and more.
  • Minimize transfers from Threads partner schools and ensure that transfer students are enrolled in schools that offer quality academic, resource, and community support.


Coaching and Capacity Building

  • Develop and maintain a scalable team of Resource Team Volunteers, interns, and collaborators, coaching them to execute strategy and facilitate high school goal development and attainment.
  • Develop, maintain, and deploy electronic and online resources for volunteers and young people through all channels, including the Thread mobile app, Thread Guide, email communications, and more.
  • Collaborate with and leverage Threads other functional teams to effectively support volunteers and students.
  • Ensure community compliance with budgets, policies, etc.
  • Other tasks and duties as assigned.
  • Required:
    • At least 3-5 years of demonstrated success in project and program management, including building and developing people towards common goals as well as data input, monitoring, and evaluation.
    • Knowledge and experience facilitating group programming that connects young people to academic/professional goals
    • Demonstrated commitment to and experience with equity and inclusion through an intersectional lens, including experience navigating and/or coaching others through a racial equity journey
    • Demonstrated experience in working with diverse populations.
    • Excellent people, process, and project management abilities.
    • Highly responsive, adaptive communications style; ability to inspire one-on-one and in groups of all sizes.
    • Ability to clearly communicate and live out Threads core values & core competencies.
  • Preferred:
    • Bachelors Degree in an associated discipline.
    • Experience counseling young people through the goal-setting and attainment process, as well as identifying high school and post-high school interests
    • Demonstrated success leading, coaching, and developing a team of volunteers to achieve common goals.
    • Familiarity with Baltimores human services landscape, including City Public School System, neighborhoods, and/or organizations and resources.
    • Prior experience working in a youth-serving and/or nonprofit environment.
    • Prior experience working with mobile app-based data input and with Salesforce.
    • Fluency in a second language, Spanish.