Job Details
BC1 - Carpinteria, CA

Position Profile
Service leads the customer experience, and delivering an exceptional experience requires a unified front across the entire company. As a champion of the BEGA Business System the Vice President of Engineering leads and directs all aspects of engineering activities at BEGA North America. This leader will foster innovation, create and execute strategies to meet objectives, and ensure world class quality standards are adhered to which exceed customer expectations for all product design and engineering. Primary responsibilities include developing and managing the Engineering team as well as guiding the companys product vision in support of BEGA North Americas overall strategy.

Knowledge & Experience

Successful completion of a BS degree in Engineering.
Minimum of 10 years leadership experience in product design and development in the Lighting Industry.
Candidates with professional training, industry certifications, or advanced degrees are preferred.
Possesses the desire, capacity, and toolset necessary to drive continuous improvement.
Experience with controls used in the lighting industry - DMX, DALI, Zigbee, etc
Has a history of building effective teams, elevating the efforts of others, and growing careers.
Must have strong problem solving skills and an analytical approach to all tasks.
Possesses a positive, professional attitude, and a willingness to be part of a team environment.

What youll do

Oversee all engineering processes and ensure they are integrated with BEGA North Americas new product introduction roadmap.
Work directly with the executive leadership team to define linkages between strategic objectives, process improvements and project execution.
Develop and implement best practices, key performance indicators, and cost reduction efficiency initiatives.
Oversee engineering employees; set expectations, assign accountability, provide feedback, coach, develop, and train as necessary.
Define and deploy transformational technology capabilities.
Deliver engineering requirements on schedule and to the highest quality standards.

Performance Measurements

Demonstrate a high standard of work ethic, professionalism, punctuality, and reliability at all times.
Challenge the process! Evaluate, promote, and support continuous improvement every day.
Act with respect, integrity, ownership, and accountability at all times BEGAs pillars of leadership.
Ensure quality above all, consistently working towards zero errors or defects in everything we do.
Deliver world class service as measured by lead-time and ship promise compliance objectives.
Ensure all productivity standards and cost containment initiatives within the organization are met.
Drive adoption and engagement of the BEGA Business System.

BEGA North America is a world renowned manufacturer of architectural lighting solutions.
Illuminating What Matters:
A guiding light for elevating our thinking beyond day-to-day activity in a clear and memorable way, BEGA North Americas vision intentionally possesses more than one meaning. Naturally, as an architectural lighting company, to illuminate a surface or an object makes perfect sense. Theres a deeper meaning, however. To illuminate can also mean to make lucid or clear, or to shed light on an important concept or idea. Whether its for our industry, our community, or our family, we want to matter to people who want to matter to us. And most importantly, to illuminate can also mean to enlighten, as with knowledge. We invest heavily in our people, and believe this simple idea is why they ultimately choose BEGA for a lifetime, because were focused on illuminating what matters to them.

What we believe in
Respect we treat everyone with respect by being polite and kind.
Integrity we act with integrity by being honest and following our moral and ethical convictions.
Ownership we possess an attitude of ownership and a mentality that desires us all to thrive.
Accountability we lead by example, always accountable for doing what we agreed we would do.
Diversity & Inclusion we promote creating a culture of inclusive and diversity in order to achieve a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully with equal access to opportunities and resources.
Who we are
Intended to articulate the organizations culture and used as a tool to govern behavior and shape critical decision making throughout the enterprise, BEGA has established three core values.

1. Quality We have an unwavering commitment to Quality above all in our people, products, partners and processes.
2. Family We are a diverse Family of passionate and self-driven individuals who act with integrity, fairness and respect, that hold one another accountable to the highest standards, and collectively promote work-life balance.
3. Growth We embrace perpetual Growth and development, continuous learning and constant improvement, enabling the brand, the organization, and the individual to realize their full potential.

BEGA North America
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