Media Coordinator
Job Details
Two Rivers Marketing - Des Moines, IA
Full Time
4 Year Degree

The Media Coordinator assists  with the planning and implementation of paid advertising in print, digital, paid search, out-of-home, Broadcast TV, Cable TV, radio, and social media outlets. They work hand-in-hand with the media planner/buyers as well as key members of the account, project management, and digital teams to ensure campaigns are executed correctly. 


▪ Place, confirm, and monitor media orders 
▪ Develop and send insertion orders (IOs) to media outlets 
▪ Manage and update media grids and IOs throughout campaign 
▪ Set up campaigns using in-platform media placement tools such as Google Ads, and other  platforms 
▪ Manage and traffic media materials  
▪ Build and maintain updated media materials documentation 
▪ Send account teams weekly reminders identifying upcoming creative deadlines  
▪ Generate UTM tracking links  
▪ Create tags, and traffic/monitor digital media buys in Campaign Manager 
▪ Traffic creative assets and traffic instructions between agencies, publishers, and digital vendors 
▪ Support and facilitate various aspects of the media billing process
▪ Work closely with accounting department on billing and invoice reconciliation 
▪ Support reporting efforts as needed 
▪ Collect, analyze, and prepare monthly metrics reports 
▪ Provide optimization recommendations for placements and, if needed, follow up with vendors on makegoods 
▪ Support and facilitate vendor communication
​​​​​​▪ Develop, update, and maintain vendor contact list 
▪ Manage relationships and maintain contact with sales vendors on an ongoing basis, coordinating sales meetings as needed 
▪ Research and analyze relevant media channels 
▪ Collect media kits (on a yearly basis or ongoing) for the industries or target markets the agency serves 
▪ Assist in building media presentations 
▪ Support media team members with any media planning, buying, and research as needed 


▪ Bachelor’s Degree 
▪ Strong Microsoft Office skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint 
▪ Knowledge of Strata/FreeWheel is a plus 
▪ Excellent communication skills 
▪ Ability to work across functions and departments with regular interaction with colleagues and external contacts 
▪ Ability to work independently 
▪ Detail-oriented