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Job Details

RoMan Manufacturing Inc - Grand Rapids, MI


The CI engineer is a CI Team Member having the CI oversight of one or more value streams ruling his / her demeanor with discipline and integrity and according to RoMan principles and values. The ideal candidate will be:

  • Versed in CI technology: problem solving, basic 7QC tools and basic economic analysis
  • Guide improvement groups in problem solving and to record and report QC stories and results
  • Generate and keep alive (responsible to maintain them updated) the value stream flow chart, control plan(s) and process FMEA
  • Lead and generate Kaizen in his / her value streams
  • Record keeper of all improvement in the value stream: QC problem solving stories, kaizens, metrics
  • Accountable for generating savings and improvements (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety) translated in dollar amounts (except for safety improvements)
  • Responsible to create and manage Quality Alerts to the value stream. That is, the CITM will make aware the group of customer complaints and Quality issues related to the stream
  • Constantly monitor the VS RoMan QMS is respected and executed in the stream(s)
  • Perform audits and raise corrective actions and risk mitigation actions
  • Actively participate in the daily Fast Response and weekly Focus Group meetings of the stream. The CITM will be the record keeper of this meetings for the streams in support of the VS lead
  • Report at the weekly CI meeting group the most important weekly events in the streams and savings
  • Evaluate every day the 5S in his / her value streams. It is the CITM responsibility to educate, train and implement 5s improvement in their value streams
  • Support innovation
  • Project management of innovative manufacturing engineering projects
  • Supplier Quality projects, PPAPs and inspection plans
  • Other special projects dictated by the Operations director and COO
  • The ultimate education goal for this position is to become ASQ certified as CI technician, Quality Engineer, Quality Auditor and other related to CI
  • Have regular and reliable attendance as well as punctuality


  • Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial or Metallurgical engineering degrees
  • Technical studies are considered if complemented with industry knowledge and experience
  • Three to five years of related experience in Manufacturing in the areas of Quality, Manufacturing engineering and/or project management
  • Experience in Non-Ferrous Foundry Castings production and technology is highly desirable
  • Experience in the electrical product testing and production, machining and / or mechanical assembly is a plus
  • Experience with project management
  • Black belt six sigma certification, alternative problem-solving certification or experience