UX/UI Developer
Job Details
Optional Work from Home

Job Title:   UX/UI Developer                            

Department:  Information Technology  

Classification:   Exempt/Salary                                 

Reports to:  Lead Application Developer


Job Summary:

As UX/UI Developer, you're responsible for wireframing, visual prototyping, interaction design and implementation of client-side web applications, and mobile application mockups and assets handoff. You work alongside our full stack and mobile application developers to help bring your visions to life while acting as the lead on modern UX/UI best practices and design patterns. You have strong social and written communication skills, a collaborative mindset, and enjoy working with a diverse array of team members across multiple disciplines. You're a self-starter with experience managing and contributing both technical and creative work. You engage with end-users and customers, assist with strategic planning and requirements gathering, decompose and estimate tasks for clarity, propose timelines, document, QA, and test usability. You have significant influence over the look, feel, and final form of our digital solutions, and your contributions make a powerful impact. 


Preference given to candidates with online portfolio websites.



  1. A Bachelor's degree in design, engineering, or a related field and at least four years of professional experience in a web or mobile UX/UI design or development role.
  2. Experience with Agile sprint planning, project scoping, and estimation practices
  3. Fluency in HTML, CSS and SCSS, JavaScript, and required tooling
  4. Fluency with the command line and tools such as Git Bash, NPM, Composer, and Webpack
  5. Comfortable with PHP and Composer package management
  6. Experience with TailwindCSS, BemCSS, or Bootstrap
  7. Mastery of client-side web application design and development, including SPA, performance monitoring and optimization with tools like Datadog, semantic and accessible markup, and the ability to leverage and produce reusable design patterns and components
  8. We work primarily in Vue, but experience in Angular or React is welcome - our applications are a mix of both Vue 2 and 3 and utilize the Composition API as needed
  9. Experience with Git VCS and a friendly, collaborative approach to shared codebases
  10. Experience with a modern IDE such as PHPStorm

Advanced Qualifications:

  1. Experience planning, conducting, and evaluating UX research and presenting findings
  2. Experience implementing and leveraging advanced analytics, tracking, and reporting tools such as Datadog, Rollbar, Google Analytics, Fullstory, and Power BI
  3. Experience building and maintaining CDN for CSS, image, JS, and other shared assets
  4. Experience facilitating the creation of epics and user stories in collaboration with stakeholders
  5. Experience implementing A/B testing in production and presenting findings
  6. Experience working with dedicated QA teams to address defects, implement and test solutions, and help communicate them to both stakeholders and fellow team members

Job Duties:

  1. Work with team members and stakeholders to help conduct requirements gathering
  2. Create wireframes and prototypes to provide high-level user flows and experience overviews
  3. Help write documentation and SOPs for processes and projects within our team
  4. Create mockups and wireframes that leverage our custom Figma component library while bringing your expertise to the table
  5. Work on projects that might consist of PHP, Laravel, Vue or static HTML, and SCSS
  6. Work with our DevOps lead on setting up and working within Vagrant
  7. Test API endpoints in Postman and help shape new ones that best suit our needs
  8. Continue to help build and maintain our component library
  9. Help us continue to ensure our work is always aligned with company policies, values, and brand
  10. Help with project management, ensure UX/UI deliverables are clearly outlined, defined, and tracked
  11. Work with QA to consult on and reproduce reported defects and assist with resolutions
  12. Maintain and continually update working knowledge of relevant languages, tools, and technologies
  13. Ensure compliance with privacy policies, security audits, and certifications
  14. Manage staff members in their daily activities and support business projects
  15. Remain vigilant in the pursuit of process improvement and identify value-adding efficiencies
  16. Maintain a sanitary and safe work environment and follow safety requirements
  17. Ensure that company safety policies as well as federal, state, and local safety and environmental regulations are observed
  18. Must have a complete understanding of company policies, SOPs, QPs, EPs, HACCP, and cGMP to ensure quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability
  19. Must adhere to all company policies
  20. Follow all SOPs in each area
  21. Perform all other duties as assigned by Manager or designee