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Infection Control Nurse

Job Details

Cannery Building - Marysville, CA
Full Time
$45.00 - $67.50 Hourly
Weekdays Only



The Infection Control RN (ICRN) is aimed at preventing infections by ensuring that sources of infection are isolated to limit the spread of infectious organisms. The ICRN ensures compliance with regulations and requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medi-Cal Services (CMC), any accrediting healthcare organizations, and state regulations such as Cal OSHA. The ICRN is responsible for the effective direction, management, and operation of the Employee Illness and Injury Program (EIIP) and Infection Control Program (ICP), including the education of clinical and administrative staff members, and consulting with the county and state departments of health.


  1. Implements and reviews Ampla Health’s Employee Illness and Injury Program and infection control program.
  2. Ensures that existing standards and guidelines of applicable professional organizations and regulatory and government agencies are incorporated into the programs.
  3. Reviews relevant public health issues to integrate into practice.
  4. Serves as a resource person regarding infection prevention issues for all Ampla Health clinical and administrative personnel.
  5. Collects infection data and analyzes infection data using epidemiological principles and statistical methods to identify trends and risk factors.
  6. Performs the reporting of infection and quality data for the various facility, county, state and federal reporting requirements.
  7. Maintains records for each case of infection and conducts an investigation.
  8. Reports investigated incidents of infection to the appropriate person/departments.
  9. Ensures availability of supplies required for infection prevention.
  10. Makes recommendations regarding the prevention and control of infection.
  11. Provides advice for all staff members regarding the management of infectious patients and other infection prevention issues.
  12. Develops and implements an annual infection prevention plan and evaluates the plan for goal achievement.
  13. Ensures the completion of audits regarding the implementation of and compliance with selected policies.
  14. Provides education training for all staff members regarding the implementation of infection prevention practices.
  15. Liaise with teams regarding the development of standards and audits.
  16. Presents and provides the infection prevention annual report to the Clinical Services Officer, Director of Quality, Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors Committee; this report is to include results of infection prevention program goal achievements and matters of concern.
  17. Cooperates with the county and state department of public health regarding infectious and communicable disease reporting.
  18. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  1. Maintains a professional relationship and positives attitude with co-workers, the public, patients, Ampla Health staff, Board of Directors and vendors.
  2. Maintains the highest professional ethics and is honest in dealing with people; is a model for all employees through their actions.
  3. Strives to learn more and is receptive to learning different ways of doing things.
  4. Displays enthusiasm toward the work and the mission of Ampla Health.


  1. Bachelors in an applied Clinical Science (Nursing, Public Health).
  2. Registered Nurse should have a broad level of experience including public health, outpatient ambulatory care, and medical/surgical nursing.
  3. Certification in Infection Control (CIC) should be achieved within two years in the position.
  4. Membership with Association of Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) within one year in the position.
  5. Attends face to face and/or completes online educational offerings (Sponsored by APIC or State Department of Public Health.)
  6. Read, analyze and interpret contracts, technical procedures, and/or government regulations.
  7. Display proficiency in computer and software skills.
  8. Write reports and other forms of correspondence.
  9. Assist Nursing Supervisors with Supervisor Report of Accident for Workman’s Compensation.
  10. Work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical tools for analysis and problem solving.
  11. Experience in developing work plans involving goals and objectives.
  12. Ability to travel to complete project objectives.
  13. Valid California driver’s license with good record.
  14. Ability to work in a team setting to meet project goals and objectives.
  15. Ability to interact with management and staff in a professional manner.
  16. Demonstrate clear knowledge of Ampla Health’s clinic structure, standards, procedures and protocols.


  1. Must have neat and legible handwriting.
  2. Must be able to interact with patients and staff courteously and calmly.
  3. Ability to communicate well with the public.


  1. Works well with patients in a generally comfortable environment office. Employees must possess the following physical requirements:
  2. Must be in good health and able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  3. Must be able to hear staff on the telephone and those who are served in person, and speak clearly in order to communicate information to clients and staff.
  4. Ability to operate standard office equipment such as a computer, telephone, fax machine, copier, etc.
  5. Must be able to reach above the shoulder level to work, bend, squat and sit, stand, stoop, crouching, reaching, kneeling and twisting/turnin