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Tour Guide - Branson

Job Details

Pink Adventure Tours - Branson - Branson, MO



Tour Guide position in a dynamic tourist environment focused on guest satisfaction. A guide provides a fun, informative tour. They provide for the comfort and safety of the guest while delivering information on natural and cultural resources in a meaningful way. They are safety minded, inspecting and operating their Jeeps on the highways and Forest Service roads in compliance with all Laws, Regulations, and Company Policies and Procedures.


  • Able to perform the following Guide fundamentals in a satisfactory manner:
    • Conducts tours in a professional manner
    • Skilled driving on and off road
    • General understanding of our permits and operating plan
    • General understanding/working knowledge of tour scheduling and tour rotation
    • Inspects and cleans vehicle daily
    • Reads and follows manifest to insure tour type and accuracy.
    • Presents relevant core information on all tours
      • Local history, geology, USFS, plants and animals
  • Learns and experiences the seasonal operations of the Guide position and business
  • Reviews/Refreshes knowledge from training and pursues ongoing learning and education
  • Professional and effective communication across departments to insure maximum tour efficiency.
  • Displays a positive, friendly and professional attitude in all interactions with customers, fellow employees, citizens, competitors, hotel/resort staff, and management.
  • Maintains a good attendance record.
  • Respects and follows company policies and procedures
  • Takes constructive feedback in a respectful manner and applies it


  • Defensive driving skills and a drivers license clear of major moving violations.
  • Effective communication skills: energetic, outgoing, entertaining speaker.
  • Team player that is self-motivated and takes initiative.
  • Outdoor enthusiast with an interest in flora, fauna, history, archaeology, and geology.
  • Able to endure weather extremes in a physical-oriented job.
  • Good judgment and problem-solving skills.
  • Is courteous to all users of the roads and land we operate on.


  • Consistently and carefully inspects, operates, and cleans their Jeeps repetitive motion involves: climbing in and out of the jeep, reaching overhead and across at chest level, bending from the waist.
  • Able to handle demanding weather extremes including temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to 100 degrees.
  • Able to work up to 11 hours/day (tour time and jeep preparation/washing).
  • Assists customers in and out of the jeep or vehicle.
  • Occasional bouncing up and down in the drivers seat as a result of driving on rugged trails, washboard gravel roads, and climbing up and over rocks.
  • Able to walk on dirt trails, uneven ground, and rock formations to point out scenic views and rock structures
  • Must be able to speak and hear clearly to provide quality customer service and required safety mechanics
  • May be trained in CPR/First Aid and so should be able to remain calm and effective when dealing with medical emergencies encountered.
  • Maintain efficient, daily contact and adequate radio communication with the customer service staff to assure timely tour departures and accurate Jeep assignments.
  • Safely operates the Jeep through challenging city traffic, varied Forest Service terrain, in all types of weather conditions, while crafting entertaining and informative tours.