Customer Service Rep
Job Details
Full Time
$7.25 - $13.00 Hourly
Customer Service

Overview of Job Description:

We are looking for performance driven, dedicated, and reliable Customer Service Agents to work from home. If hired, primarily you will be conducting telephone surveys  to renew free business magazine subscriptions. The average survey will last about 3 minutes and you will verify addresses, job titles, and additional demographic information pertaining to the business.  The position comes with bonus opportunities and a quarterly review that can increase your earning potential.



Customer Service Agent (Magazine Renewal) Overview:  

Typically we renew free business magazines that are issued to qualified/specific subscribers. These magazines target a specific industry or topic and focus on information for the people who work within that industry. Here at CMG, we contact the subscribers of those magazines and ensure they are still qualified to receive the magazines. This process is completed by conducting a short survey with the subscriber and the survey’s typically take one to three minutes. In that survey we confirm general business information such as the subscriber’s job title and the type of work their company does.


CMG is one of the top providers of subscriber verification services. Our goal on every survey for every client is to deliver a quality phone call while being as efficient as possible. One of the key components to success on a controlled circulation project is following to the script. As a valued staff member, you will help CMG continue to provide a great sounding phone call for our client which helps us maintain a great work opportunity for our staff.


Job Duties: 

  • Conduct telephone surveys for qualified subscribers or qualified potential subscribers of industry specific trade journals to initiate or continue their subscription.
  • Meet performance and quality expectations.
  • Adhere to all program scripts

Technical Requirements:

  • PC running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home.  No variants are compatible (Education, "S", Pro Education)
  • USB Headset with noise cancelling microphone
  • Internet Explorer installed as browser (Not Microsoft Edge)
  • High Speed Wired Internet (5 mbps or more download/1 mbps upload)
  • Chromebooks or MacBooks acceptable

Spacial Requirements:

  • Must have a quiet space free of background noise while working


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