Events Manager - Europe
Job Details
Fully Remote

Job Title: Events Manager - Europe                                

Department: Marketing

Classification:  Exempt Salary                                         

Reports to: Marketing Lead - Europe

Job Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in Public Relations, Communications, or Hospitality.
  2. Must have excellent communication, negotiation and marketing skills.
  3. Must have the ability to work methodically and meet deadlines.
  4. Must have excellent planning and reporting skills.
  5. Must have an eye for aesthetics and attention to details.
  6. Must be self-motivated, with the ability to work both individually and as part of a wider team.
  7. Must be able to work accurately to a project brief and brand guidelines.
  8. Proficiency in various event software.
  9. Proficiency in various online platforms, including recording/broadcast media.
  10. At least 2 years project management and/or events management experience.
  11. Risk management experience.
  12. Background and understanding of craft beer and hop industry a huge plus.

Job Summary:

This is an incredible opportunity to join a fast-growing European team within the global American hop supplier of choice for the craft brewing industry.

From the beginning, Yakima Chief Hops set out to be a different kind of hop supplier. The family farms that make up Yakima Chief Hops have been driven by the desire to help both growers and brewers thrive by focusing on constantly improving beer’s greatest ingredient, the hop. As the Events Manager - Europe you will be at the forefront of delivering Yakima Chief Hops’ mission of connecting family hop farms to the world’s finest brewers.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Event Manager with a positive attitude to assist YCH in hosting events, both physically and digitally, to help build lasting relationships with our brewing partners and deliver on our mission goals. You will be tasked with researching and securing venues, assessing digital platforms, planning and managing our events' calendar, negotiating quotes and agreements with vendors, assisting with event marketing, monitoring timeframes and budgets, networking, and delivering on objectives.

The ideal candidate for this role should demonstrate exceptional organizational abilities, interpersonal and multi-tasking skills, as well as excellent time-management. This role will be home-based in London for ease of communication with our European marketing lead and senior team.


Job Duties:

  1. Working directly with the European Marketing Lead to ensure the highest possible standards are met whist spreading the YCH message across the continent and beyond.
  2. Collaborate with our US headquarters to ensure European events are aligned in terms of feel and scope with our global events strategy
  3. Regularly work with our US based Events Manager to deploy our global events strategy in our local market. 
  4. Heading up the operations for both physical and digital events.
  5. Take ownership of assigned marketing tasks.
  6. Brainstorming and implementing event plans and concepts.
  7. Managing branding and communication throughout the events program in Europe.
  8. Handling budgeting and invoicing for events.
  9. Negotiating sponsorship deals.
  10. Produce detailed proposals for events (including timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing and budgets).
  11. Research venues, digital platforms, suppliers and contractors, then negotiate prices and hire where necessary.
  12. Obtaining permits.
  13. Ensure all insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are followed.
  14. coordinate suppliers, handle queries and troubleshoot on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly and to budget.
  15. Accurate forecasting and post-event reports.
  16. liaise with sales and marketing teams to publicize and promote the event.
  17. Maintain sanitary and safe work environment.
  18. Follow safety requirements.
  19. May actively participate on company’s Safety Committee.
  20. Ensure that company safety policies as well as federal, state and local safety and environmental regulations are observed.
  21. Must have a complete understanding of company’s policies, SOPs, QPs, EPs, HACCP and cGMP that pertain to their department to ensure quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
  22. Must adhere to all company policies.
  23. Examine documents, materials, and products and monitor work processes to assess completeness, accuracy and conformance to standards and specifications.
  24. Follow all SOPs in a given area.
  25. Perform all other duties as assigned by Manager and/or designee.