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Payroll Intern

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Legal Address 0TW50 - New York, NY
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Kids in the Game sport and enrichment-based programs can be found in schools and communities across New York City, serving thousands of children every year. Our goal is to provide positive experiences and opportunities through sports and creative play. We inspire kids to embrace new experiences, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and build integrity. Our work is focused on achieving four ultimate impacts:

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence

  • Creating a positive sense of self

  • Developing NYC into the nation’s top talent hub Integrating our communities

  • Narrowing the income inequality gaps

Kids in the Game is a Certified B Corporation and we’re committed to doing business for good. We are striving every day to have a positive impact in the lives of our youth, and we believe that it all starts with being the best part of their day. To learn more about our programs and our team, visit


The Payroll Intern will play a key role as part of our People & Culture Team and will be reporting directly to our Director of People & Performance. They will be responsible for payroll administrative tasks. They will assist with entering payroll information, calculating wages, and ensuring accurate compensation for our employees. As a Payroll Intern, you will play a vital role in maintaining precise payroll records, collecting timekeeping information, and contributing ideas to enhance the efficiency of our payroll processes. 

Kids in the Game offers seasonal internships throughout the year. Internships are typically 12-16 weeks long and Interns would be expected to work between 25-35 hours per week in person at our office location. Below are the dates for each season.

  • Spring 2024: January 15th - May 10th

  • Summer 2024: May 13th - August 23rd

Compensation: Internships are unpaid opportunities for first term Interns. We do offer $200-$300 completion bonuses at the end of unpaid internships contracts. There is also the potential to extend for a second term, paid internship. We can also offer class credit where applicable.

Position Responsibilities: 

  • Assist in payroll data entry.

  • Maintain payroll information

  • Assist in checking payroll input for data entry accuracy.

  • Temporary assignments or projects related to payroll task


  • We are a youthful, passionate, committed team of individuals that care about our youth and city.

  • We are committed to developing innovative, creative programs that promote creative play and sports skill development.

  • We work hard and push each other personally and professionally to keep growing.

  • We offer you the freedom to reach new parts of NYC while working in diverse communities.

  • We are an active team and regularly participate in company social leagues, team-building activities, and sporting events.


At Kids in the Game, you can expect to be welcomed into an engaging and spirited environment that emphasizes the importance of teamwork, open communication, and collaboration. We are proud to foster an inclusive environment where our team members feel respected by and connected to one another. We value the unique experiences, perspectives, and passions of our employees, and we look forward to adding dynamic personalities to our team.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment for all of our interns and employees. We recruit candidates from across the city, state, and country, from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We have developed partnerships with organizations that allow us to target our hiring practices to include chronically discriminated against or low-income groups, and improve their access to high-quality employment opportunities



Our ideal candidate would meet some or all of the following qualifications:

  • The Payroll Intern must be able to work within a team environment and independently. They must have an entrepreneurial spirit and will be called upon to assist in solving problems for our families and go above and beyond to promote safety, fun, and a family spirit.

  • The Payroll Intern is expected to communicate quickly and efficiently with their direct manager and other leadership team members. Use of organization-wide communication channels and policies are required (Slack, GSuite, Asana, others as assigned). 

  • As part of our Internship Cohorts, all interns will have the opportunity to connect with other interns across the organization for networking opportunities. They will participate in a series of intern cohort discussions, training sessions, and professional development opportunities throughout the cohort season. Interns will also have the opportunity to showcase their internship experience in an end of internship project presentation.