BWH Housekeeper
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BWH-Bournewood Hospital Brookline - Brookline, MA
Full Time
Health Care

BWH Housekeeper

Description: Assist in maintaining a clean, safe environment for patients, staff and visitors to include laundry, dusting, vacuuming, removing trash, and disinfecting patient care areas. Experience in floor care, ability to lift 40+ pounds above the waist and carry down multiple flights of stairs on a routine basis are required.

​Bournewood Health Systems is dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based and person-centered treatment for people with mental health and substance use conditions in a safe and respectful environment in partnership with the individuals and families we serve, focusing on support, hope and recovery.

​Bournewood is committed to a philosophy and an environment of care in which we treat people with dignity, respect and mutuality; protect their rights; provide the best care possible; support them in returning to their natural communities; and include patients and families as partners in their treatment. Our philosophy stands for providing a safe and therapeutic environment for patients, families and staff in which restraint and seclusion are prevented through the use of a range of resources and tools. All Bournewood employees are educated in and support this philosophy. All candidates must be able and willing to promote the values of trauma-informed and patient-centered care.

Salary: negotiable

Start Date: ASAP

Openings: (1) full time position alternating weekends.

Qualifications: Previous experience working in a health care environment is preferred.

Location: Brookline, MA

Job Description

Essential Functions:


  1. Cleans and disinfects all assigned areas
  2. Empties trash daily or as needed
  3. Vacuums areas where applicable
  4. Sweeps and mops floors where applicable
  5. Buffs floors when assigned
  6. Dusts furniture daily
  7. Washes windows when scheduled
  8. Spot cleans walls and carpets when required
  9. Cleans and disinfects beds and bureaus after patient discharges
  10. Cleans and records temperatures on unit refrigerators
  11. Cleans light lenses when needed
  12. Cleans and disinfects housekeeping equipment daily or when used
  13. Cleans and disinfects trash containers as needed
  14. Dusts assigned cleaning areas weekly
  15. Cleans Security screens and window sills as needed
  16. Shampoos rugs and furniture as scheduled
  17. Strips and waxes floors as scheduled
  18. Maintains a daily inventory of patient linen
  19. Removes patients dirty linen daily
  20. Provides and supply toilet tissue and paper towels in bathrooms
  21. Replaces hand soap and body shampoo when needed
  22. Keeps all building entrances clean from debris daily
  23. Keeps housekeeping closets neat, clean and all chemicals labeled according to OSHA standards
  24. Performs all tasks in a safe manner and consistent with Hospital policies and procedures
  25. Any other duties assigned by supervisor

    Essential Competencies:
  26. Knowledge of proper use and handling of chemicals
  27. Knowledge of Infection Control and Bloodborne Pathogen Standards; knowledge of protective equipment necessary to maintain one’s safety; knowledge of Hazardous Waste and Hazard Communication Standard policies
  28. Ability to safely and effectively operate housekeeping equipment
  29. Ability to follow procedures during building evacuation and/or during an internal or external disaster
  30. Must be able to communicate with unit staff in the English Language

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Two years experience in housekeeping position at a healthcare facility or comparable institution.

    Physical Criteria:
  31. Must be able to lift 40 pounds
  32. Must be able to carry 40 pounds for short distances
  33. Must be able to stand for up to 8 hours at a time
  34. Must be able to walk up and down stairs
  35. Must be able to physically operate a high or low speed buffer, vacuum and shampoo machine

    Reports to: Housekeeping Supervisor