BWH Senior Social Worker
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BWH-Bournewood Hospital Brookline - Brookline, MA
Full Time
Masters Degree
Health Care

BWH Senior Social Worker


Description: Serves as the senior clinician in the department and provides clinical supervision to assigned social workers.  Assists the manager in the day to day operations of the department including quality improvement activities..  Attends treatment teams and consults on an as needed basis with other team members around issues of his/her expertise, including case management and disposition planning.  Also, provides direct clinical service to assigned in-patients, inclusive of individual and family treatment interventions, case management, disposition planning and care consultation. Is responsible for assessments, treatment and discharge planning for each patient assigned.  Assists and serves as a resource to social workers in the department in problem solving on difficult to manage cases.


Incumbent performs duties in accordance with corporate, organization and department policies and procedures while adhering to the overall mission of Bournewood Health Systems.


Bournewood Health Systems is dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based and person-centered treatment for people with mental health and substance use conditions in a safe and respectful environment in partnership with the individuals and families we serve, focusing on support, hope and recovery.


Bournewood is committed to a philosophy and an environment of care in which we treat people with dignity, respect and mutuality; protect their rights; provide the best care possible; support them in returning to their natural communities; and include patients and families as partners in their treatment. Our philosophy stands for providing a safe and therapeutic environment for patients, families and staff in which restraint and seclusion are prevented through the use of a range of resources and tools. All Bournewood employees are educated in and support this philosophy. All candidates must be able and willing to promote the values of trauma-informed and patient-centered care.


Salary: Negotiable


Start Date: ASAP


Openings:  Full-time


Qualifications: Candidates must have experience with individuals with mental health, substance use and co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions; strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and the ability to multitask. Must be LICSW and preference will be given to the candidate with at least 2 years supervisory experience.


Location: Brookline, MA


Job Description

Essential Functions:

Supervisory Responsibilities;

  • Provides clinical supervision to assigned social workers. Provides supervision at the frequency required for independent licensure.
  • Assists the Manager of Social Services in developing and revising departmental policies, procedures and protocols.
  • In conjunction with the Manager of Social Services, ensures that all staff are following department policies/procedures/protocols including but not limited to: documentation standards, providing weekly group treatment, patient satisfaction surveys, documentation standards, etc.
  • Assists social workers in problem solving.
  • Attends family and provider meetings with supervisees as appropriate and as needed.
  • Researches and compiles lists of community resources for social workers to use for discharge/aftercare planning.
  • Is familiar with the operations/treatment teams on all the inpatient units.
  • Assumes responsibility for the department in the Manager’s absence.
  • Participates in hospital wide committees.
    Social Worker Responsibilities:
  1. Assumes role of social worker for those patients assigned.  May be assigned to a unit or may be required to float to units as needed.
  2. Facilities groups for patients as assigned on unit and documents patient participation on group notes.
  3. Communicates findings and progress of individual sessions, family meetings/consultation, provider meetings/consultation and disposition planning to treatment team and documents progress in patient’s medical record. 
  4. Advocates for and educates family about resources and agency involvement to provide recommended levels of services upon discharge.
  5. Meets with patients, on the day of case assignment, and contacts family within one day of  case assignment.  Individual and family interventions will be consistent with the assessment.
  6. Maintains progress notes twice weekly and updates on treatment plan once per week in the medical record on unit.
  7. Presents case assessment, interventions, collaborates with other disciplines and initiates planned interventions at the treatment planning meeting.
  8. When indicated, involves family in aftercare planning and educational interventions. Documents in progress notes reasons that interventions may not be possible.
  9. When patient is involved in ongoing outpatient therapy/agency/private treatment program, initiates contact with with patient’s permission.  Coordinates and collaborates with the community supports during the patient’s inpatient stay at a mutually agreed upon frequency.
  10. When a patient is involved with an agency or private treatment program, initiates contact with appropriate providers within one business day of initial assignment and documents this contact in a progress note.
  11. Advocates for agency involvement when necessary (DMH, DCF, DDS. DECE, etc.).
  12. Initiates applications for services (DMH, Medicare application, Ma Health Application, etc) within 24 hours of identified need for service and sends completed applications within 48 hours maintaining a copy of document in the client’s record for future reference.  Follows up with agency to ensure application received and documents follow-up in progress notes.  Notifies supervisor if assistance is needed with external agencies in obtaining services for clients.
  13. When child abuse or neglect is suspected, notifies the proper authorities following Massachusetts Law and professional standards of practice.  When neglect or abuse of a disabled person and or the elderly is suspected and disclosed directly to the social worker s/he notifies the proper authorities following Massachusetts Law and professional standards of practice.
  14. Maintains communications with and coordinates information and interventions with team disciplines, including psychiatry, nursing and rehabilitation services as well as other collateral providers across the continuum and documents this contact and collaboration.
  15. Establishes aftercare appointments with providers and communicates these to the patient and family. Ensures that pharmacology appointment is in place if client is discharged on medication or alerts supervisor and attending MD of reason why appointment is not in place.
  16. Provides psychosocial education relating to diagnosis, symptom management, resources for supporting recovery to patients and families and documents pt/family understanding of information provided and barriers to learning as well as plan to address barriers in progress notes.
  17. Attends all treatment team meetings, documents specific interventions planned by worker, adds problems identified from assessment, and consults on an as needed basis with other team members around issues of her/his expertise including case management.
  18. Informs the Utilization Review Department of the patients status and course of treatment,
    Essential Competencies:
  19. Knowledge of major mental illness, i.e. schizophrenia and the impact of family
  20. Knowledge of developmental stages and clinical implications regarding trauma informed and patient centered care.
  21. Knowledge and understanding of biological and sociocultural changes influencing the aged (geriatric population), adults and adolescents
  22. Knowledge of substance use disorders and treatment issues
  23. Knowledge of family systems dynamics
  24. Is competent in delivering patient care that is trauma informed and patient centered. As indicated by:
    • Provides care that is kind, collaborative and compassionate.
    • Able to defuse power struggles and doesn’t need “to win”.
    • Appropriate assessment of clients for a history of trauma
    • Recognize/assess a range of trauma-related behaviors
    • Implement trauma-sensitive interventions with people served

Minimum Qualifications: 

Masters Degree in Social Work; LICSW required.  Two  years of supervisory experience highly preferred.




Physical Criteria:

  1. Must be able to walk up and down stairs
  2. Must be able to use a telephone
  3. Must be able to sit for up to 8 hours
    Reports to:          Manager of Social Services