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Summer Mission Tour

Job Details

Home Office - Exton, PA


This application is for individuals who want to serve on the Summer Missions Tour in 2023!

InFaith is a nondenominational mission that enables called and committed followers of Christ to serve with purpose and passion within our nation’s borders. With over 160 field staff serving in 33 states, we use many different ministry methods to achieve one simple mission: to share Jesus with the people of the United States. We are looking for innovative and people-centered individuals to serve as summer staff with 5 of our current field staff supervisors to bring the light of the gospel to unlit places across the United States.

Job Details

1. InFaith summer staff are accountable to the Mission through the field supervisor.
2. Summer staff are appointed to minister for a limited period determined by the summer staff’s field supervisor.
3. Summer staff are responsible to minister to a particular area of need or to provide a particular area of expertise.
4. Summer staff work with field supervisor in a variety of different ministries.
5. Summer staff have varied opportunities to minister, including teaching and directing VBS, teaching and directing at camp, teaching and
directing Sunday School and/or being a member of an evangelistic outreach team.
6. Summer staff are encouraged to raise support for his/her ministry and for his/her training program.
7. Summer staff must meet the following eligibility requirements:

a. Has accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior.
b. Is at least 16 years of age.
c. Has a good testimony in his/her local church and community.
d. Demonstrates spiritual, emotional and social maturity.

Reach Local
InFaith's field staff has been reaching local for years, using the gifts and abilities God has given us to reach people in our local communities by responding to the needs we see around us. Young or old, rich or poor; lonely, lost or powerless - no matter who you are, you can reach local in your community!