Professional Foster Parent Safety Net Emergency Treatment Home
Professional Foster Parent Safety Net Emergency Treatment Ho
Full Time
High School
Up to 25%
Professional Foster Parent Safety Net Emergency Treatment Ho

The Safety Net/Emergency Treatment Foster Family Home Foster Parent will provide stabilizing care for up to three (3) adolescent youth between the ages of 0 and 14 who have complex clinical problem such as behavioral and/or mental health problems or a history of mental health issues or multiple placements or provide placement for new placement (intake) when necessary. Youth may need stability who has experienced increased escalation and deflected from psychiatric hospitalization and/ who have been approved for higher level of care and awaiting transfer to appropriate agency. The Foster Parent will carry out daily routines and responsibilities to promote permanency, stability and well-being. The Foster Parent will adhere to DCFS and SOS Children’s Villages rules, policies, and procedures, including 402 Licensing Standards. As a parent of this model, the Foster Parent waives the right to reject placement or demand immediate removal of a child without consultation with the treatment team.



  • Provides a safe and nurturing environment
  • Maintains a clean and healthy living environment
  • Provides for basic physical (i.e. food, shelter, clothing) and emotional needs
  • Implements structure, routine, and appropriate limits (i.e. household chores)
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge and understanding of normal child and adolescent growth and development as well as the issues of grief, loss, and separation
  • Integrates the child in a family unit to include all family activities and promotes a healthy relationship in the family
  • Ensures personal hygiene (i.e. cleanliness, grooming)
  • Assists in developing life skills which promotes independence
  • Intervenes and redirects inappropriate behavior in proactive, non-physical ways
  • Provide close supervision and implement a structure for each youth in care.
  • Assures medical and dental care
  • Maintains documentation of all medications prescribed and administered
  • Maintains documentation of clothing and personal allowance given
  • Communicates information to and from educational providers and attends parent/teacher conferences
  • Ensures consistency in school attendance
  • Monitors and assists with completion of school assignments
  • Provides transportation to and from appointments for healthcare (i.e. medical, dental, vision), behavioral health, educational, support services, and others deemed appropriate for the welfare of the child
  • Cooperates with the child's goal, service plan, and visitation plan
  • Implements and follows the Individual Treatment and Crisis Intervention Plans
  • Keeps information regarding the child and his/her family confidential
  • Keeps the agency informed of progress, problems, and changes in the home
  • Immediately reports unusual incidents to the agency within 24 hours
  • Participates in all court hearings and Administrative Case Reviews as needed
  • Willing to accept emergency placements
  • Willing to provide respite to other children as assigned
  • Provides daily accounts of child's behavior to caseworker or supervisor
  • Participates in weekly meetings
  • Participates in ongoing training (20 hours per year minimum)
  • Takes an active role in facilitating parent/child visits and parent coaching/mentoring
  • May host in home trainings and support groups
  • Adheres to IL DCFS Part 402 Licensing Standards for Foster Family Homes
  • Maintains no outside employment.
  • At least 25 years of age
  • Completion of DCFS PRIDE and Educational Advocacy Training (33 hours)
  • Licensed under Illinois DCFS Rule 402 with no open complaints or holds
  • Completion of DCFS Training - Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma (15 hours)
  • High School diploma or equivalent, some college or college degree preferred
  • Minimum two years of Foster Parent or Residential Child Welfare experience required
  • Valid Illinois driver's license
  • Reliable transportation with valid vehicle insurance
  • No history of child abuse or neglect
  • No criminal bars to licensure