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Day Program Assistant / Instructor

Job Details

Adult Day Program - Commerce, CA
High School

Summary of duties and responsibilities

The Instructor reports directly to the Program Supervisor and/or Administrator and is responsible for the daily care of adults with developmental disabilities. Duties include but are not limited to, feeding, dressing, assistance with personal hygiene including assistance with toileting and changing of soiled undergarments, activity planning, leading assigned groups in scheduled activities and providing transportation to scheduled activity areas. Other duties may include preparing meals, basic instruction/training as outlined in the individual program plan and program curriculum, participation in the development of the individual program plan, and performing other activities or tasks that are related to assisting the consumers at the Adult Day Program.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor services and clients progress in relationship to established goals and objectives, and document findings on the appropriate forms on a daily or as needed basis.
  • Maintain current progress notes and data frequency count on each consumer assigned to them
  • Will report incidents immediately to the program supervisor or administrator according to InClusion Services policies.
  • Will assist consumers in all areas of grooming and personal hygiene skills (including assistance with toileting and changing of soiled undergarments) based on the needs of the consumers at the Adult Day Program.
  • Will supervise and assist consumers during meals and snacks to ensure safety
  • Will keep daily attendance records for assigned consumers and ensure that the consumer or authorized individual signs attendance log/contact sheet daily
  • Will communicate on a regular basis with Program Administrator, Supervisor, families and other services providers and agencies, as needed;
  • Will immediately report observations or evidence of violations of consumer rights or consumer abuse.
  • Will attends team meetings or other training as part of continuation of education or any agency–wide training/in-services programs; Must complete a minimum of (1) hour of monthly in-service training every calendar month.
  • Will attend and participate in clients quarterly/semi-annual/annual meetings; as needed and assigned by the program supervisor or program administrator.
  • Will plan and coordinate with assigned client to achieve the programs objectives and client outcomes;  achieving the client IPP objectives and identifying barriers to client success and how those barriers can be overcome
  • Will support consumers thru trainings and community integration exercises. Will arrange the transitioning of Consumers’ from location to location
  • Will maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment at all times and will assist clients with cleaning as needed.
  • Will assist in the development of social activities with their clients and teach clients how to increase their activities of daily living
  • Will ensure that all programming is safe, secure and dedicated to improving the lives of the Consumers’ and will report any situation or behavior that is not immediately to the Program Supervisor or Administrator.
  • Will assist clients with the self-administration of medication and record the information on the appropriate form on a daily basis as needed.
  • Will aide in orientation and training of new staff members as needed.
  • Will greet visitors and determine whether they should be given access to specific individuals based on InClusion Services – Day Program policies and procedures.
  • Will have cell phone on at all times and must respond to phone calls, text, and e-mails to

management within a short period of time (less than 10 minutes in working hours and as soon as

possible during emergencies).

  • Will maintain a high level of honesty, confidentiality and work ethic at all times; and always communicate, be consistent and act professionally at all times.
  • Will perform transportation services for Day Program participants, one hour before Day Program start time and one hour after Day Program end time.
  • Will perform other related duties and assignments as required and assigned by the Program Supervisor or Administrator.

Working Schedule:

Employment Classification:          Hourly

Employment Status:                        Part-Time

Mondays to Fridays:                        8:30AM-230PM

Saturdays and Sundays:                 Off Duty

Holidays/After Office Hours:        Off Duty

Transportation Mondays to Fridays: 7:30AM-8:30AM to 2:30PM- 3:30PM


Physical Environment/Working Area:

Job/On-Site:                      Designated On-Site Area or Designated Community Site Area