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Brookfield Campus - Brookfield, WI

Who Is Elmbrook Church?

Elmbrook is a large, multi-generational church located in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are nondenominational with a broad, evangelical heritage, and we are neither charismatic nor highly reformed in a classical sense. Our mission is to root people in Jesus Christ and release them to His mission in our homes, communities, and world.


Elmbrook has two physical campuses, one in Brookfield (Elmbrook Brookfield) and the other in Delafield (Elmbrook Lake Country), as well as a Spanish-speaking congregation (Elmbrook en Español). Our digital worship consists of a weekly television broadcast and multiple platform streams for weekend worship, kids' and students' discipleship, and adult life groups.


What Is Elmbrook's Vision for Family Ministry?

We desire to establish a thriving family ministry that meets families where they are and helps them make Jesus the center of their homes. Over the past several years, the kids and student ministries at Elmbrook's campuses have suffered from a lack of direction and staff turnover. Kid's and student ministries, which once welcomed several hundred on the weekend and mid-week, now average less than 200 total between all the campuses. Family Ministry is a major focus for Elmbrook Church, and we seek to build a strong and consistent ministry that encompasses programming from birth through college. We see the Elmbrook Family ministry serving families within the congregation and reaching outside the walls into the local community to build partnerships with schools and organizations to help families flourish.


The Kid’s & Family Ministry Pastor will be a dual role as the Elmbrook Kid's Pastor, overseeing the staff who coordinate our nursery, preschool, elementary and summer camp programming. This individual will also oversee the staff who coordinate Middle School, High School and College programming. Additionally, the Family Ministry Pastor will oversee the multisite kids and student ministry personnel. Because of our need to develop and grow a strong family ministry, the candidate will be a strong manager who has a deep passion for families and walks alongside as a trusted resource. This role will invest in parents and equip them to be the spiritual champions in their homes.


Elmbrook Church is committed to making the changes and wise investments necessary to create a thriving Family Ministry. It seeks a pastor who will bring consistency and credibility by investing in the role for the long-term.





Elmbrook Church has a vision for family ministry that includes serving and shepherding the entire family. The Pastor of Kid's & Family Ministry is a role involving two key components. First, this person will oversee our kid’s ministry, including Sunday morning programming for kids birth-5th grade, summer camps and any weekday kid’s ministry programs. We are looking for someone to develop a team that will create engaging environments where kids can know Jesus and become more deeply rooted in Him. Due to staffing changes and the recent pandemic, our kid's ministry has experienced significant losses. We are looking to the Kid's & Family Ministry Pastor to infuse new life into this area.


Second, this role will oversee Family Ministry at Elmbrook. This encompasses ministry from birth to college-age while also investing in parents at every stage. We seek a true pastor who is passionate about caring for families and walking with them over the many years of their children's lives. The Pastor of Kid's & Family Ministry will collaborate with the other pastors and directors in the department (Kid's, Middle School, High School & College Age) to align vision in concert with Elmbrook's priorities and philosophy of ministry so that families experience smooth transitions and consistent care throughout their time at Elmbrook Church. The Kid's & Family Pastor will strategically align staffing, environments, ministry programming, curriculum, and milestones for children and students. The Pastor of Kid's & Family will also establish a ministry that serves Elmbrook's multiple campuses and will oversee the Kid's and family ministry at all other Elmbrook locations.


This pastoral role participates as a member of the broader pastoral team to care for and shepherd staff, leaders, and the congregation.



The candidate is a passionate Christ-follower who will


  • Articulate a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing relationship with Him.
  • Indicate commitment to the mission and vision of Elmbrook Church.
  • Demonstrate humility, a teachable spirit, and integrity, working effectively with ministry teams across all functions—leadership, operations, missions, and ministries.
  • Shepherd worship staff, volunteers, and congregants—investing in, cultivating, and equipping others. Consistently pointing others toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and teaching Biblical precepts through both word and action

The candidate is an experienced shepherd to kids and families and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of family ministry across Elmbrook Church's campuses in partnership with other family ministry staff. The candidate will


  • Pastor families through a variety of seasons of life.
  • Provide direction and management for the family ministry staff team and programming at Elmbrook Church.
  • Lead the Family Ministry department to execute a holistic ministry for families at all stages birth through college.
  • Solidify a milestone program that reaches all ages and stages by working with each ministry area to create resources and events that grow with Elmbrook's families.
  • Champion families at Elmbrook, making sure they continue to be a critical part of Elmbrook's mission and ensuring that they continue to be well served.

 The candidate is a seasoned kid's pastor who will


  • Create compelling environments for kids from birth through 5th grade.
  • Establish scope and sequence with the curriculum that will be used at all campuses.
  • Work alongside the Senior Leadership team to determine an appropriate ministry staff and oversee the Kid's Ministry team.
  • Oversee Elmbrook's multi-site summer day camp. Camp runs for eight weeks in the summer and serves hundreds of Elementary age kids as one of the Kid's ministry's primary outreach opportunities.

The ideal candidate will have speaking experience to various age groups and can provide samples of his/her work.


Reporting Structure: The Pastor of Kid's & Family Ministry will be accountable to and report directly to the Senior Associate Pastor of Elmbrook Church.


Salary & Remuneration: Compensation will be commensurate with educational level and experience.



This position is eligible for all benefits associated with full-time employment including medical, dental, vision and life insurance.  Refer to the Staff Handbook and information provided by Elmbrook’s insurance venders for specific details.


Paid Time Off (PTO) – Full time employees are eligible to earn PTO.  PTO is accrued on a calendar year basis.  Refer to the Staff Handbook for specific details. 


403b – Employees are eligible to participate in the 403b pension plan if they are scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week.  Entry dates for the 403b plan is the first of the month following date of hire.  On an employee’s first anniversary, Elmbrook will match up to 2%.


Holidays – Full time employees are eligible for holiday pay.  There are 10 holidays recognized by Elmbrook Church as paid holidays; refer to the Staff Handbook for specific details.


Additional Pastoral Benefits –


  • Self-Employment

Elmbrook pastors are self-employed and responsible for filing and paying their federal and state income taxes.  Pastors who receive net earnings of at least $400 from the performance of pastoral duties must file a federal tax return regardless of whether they are exempt from Social Security coverage.


  • Housing Allowance

A housing allowance is given to our pastors for residence compensation.  You will receive a form from our HR Department for pastors to complete in order to assist us in determining the amount of housing allowance you will receive.  Pastors are permitted to exclude from their church income (for federal income tax purposes) a housing allowance designated by their employing church, to the extent that this allowance is used to pay housing expenses.


  • SECA

The Self Employment Contributions Act refers to the rate that self-employed people pay for Social Security. Self-employed persons pay the full SECA rate which is currently 15.3%.  Housing allowances are taxable for SECA tax calculations.  Elmbrook Church will pay each pastor approximately one half of pastors SECA pay.  Through an established calculation, payments are disbursed during the last payroll of both June and December.



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