Data Management Specialist
Job Details
Headquarters - Gainesville, FL
Full Time
High School
$32,760.00 - $32,760.00 Salary/year

Job Summary: This position inputs and maintains data in agency data systems and utilizes an electronic document imaging system to store, retrieve and maintain client case records. This position reports to the Data Management Supervisor.


The position may involve acquiring, accessing, using, and safeguarding Protected Health Information according to applicable law and agency Policies and Procedures for Protected Health Information.


Mission: To enhance the community’s ability to protect and nurture children by building, maintaining and constantly improving a network of family support services.


Vision: To be a recognized leader in protecting children and strengthening families through innovative evidenced-based practices and highly effective, engaged employees and community partners.


Core Principle: To commit to accountability outcomes to measure performance and improve practice.


Competency: Commitment to ensuring accountability and results-based orientation.


Core Functions:

  • Accurately enter information into agency data systems on a daily basis and in accordance with specified deadlines. 
  • Establish and maintain an electronic case file on each client receiving services utilizing the agency’s electronic document imaging system.  Scan paper copies and link all documents with their associated cases and clients.
  • Validate all data entered into the information systems.
  • Train and assist case managers in retrieving and submitting documents.
  • Performs research to assist case managers in locating specific information.
  • Attend staff meetings, in-service training, and other meetings, conferences and staffing as necessary.
  • Assist in audits to assess file organization and help in retrieving information from the document imaging program.
  • Review FSFN cases before transfer to services to ensure accuracy. Correspond with all involved parties including QOM’s, Protective Investigators and Management to resolve discrepancies. 
  • Work data reports to fix errors, including corresponding with FCC’s and supervisors with/for information and tracking all information.
  • Enter and end date placement components of cases when needed.
  • Collaborate with other Data Management Specialists to accurately enter information into a document imaging system on a daily basis and in accordance with specified deadlines.
  • Update case names and other name fields in the document imaging system when notified that the case name and other name fields have changed in the electronic case file (FSFN).
  • Reorganize records as directed by the supervisor to merge or divide a case or a document type.
  • Accurately upload/file specified documents to the electronic case file (FSFN) in accordance with specified deadlines.
  • Accurately copy specified case notes (PKIDS) to the Case Notes of the electronic file (FSFN) in accordance with specified deadlines.
  • Comply with applicable HIPPA regulations and company policies.
  • Other business duties as assigned.


Core Principle: To respect the diversity of all children and families in the community.


Competency: Ability to lead and model diversity. Respect for each person’s dignity, individuality, and right to self-determination.


Core Function:

  • Display understanding of, and sensitivity to, service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.


This list of essential functions is not intended to be exhaustive. Partnership for Strong Families reserves the right to revise this job description as needed to comply with actual job requirements.


Minimum Qualifications:


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent.
  • Three years of office work with emphasis on data and file management.



  • Knowledge of Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN).
  • Scanning and linking experience in any document imaging system.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Knowledge of generally accepted PSF programs and PSF management practices and principles.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, hold critical information confidential and in a secure setting.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks.
  • Ability to work independently and utilize initiative, ability to be organized and to meet strict deadlines.
  • Ability to develop, interpret, adapt and apply guidelines and procedures.
  • Ability to adhere to details.
  • Excellent knowledge of web-based applications and data validation functions.
  • Strong skills in problem solving.
  • Ability to understand legal documents.

Physical Requirements:

            Sitting                                                                          40%

            Standing                                                                      40%

            Mobility (moving between internal offices)                10%

            Kneeling/Bending/Stooping                                        05%

            Reaching, overhead                                                     05%


            Speaking                                   Yes              

            Hearing                                     Yes              

            Reading Comprehension           Yes     


            Ability to Lift and carry up to 30 pounds.



            Same Day                      Infrequent

            Overnight                       Infrequent

         Weekend and Nights       Infrequent


            Infrequent (2 to 3 times year)

            Occasional (2 to 3 times Month)

            Frequent (2 to 3 times Week)