Temporary GIS Consultant
Job Details
Saint Anselm College - Manchester, NH

The GIS Consultant will be responsible for overseeing all GIS related aspects of the New Hampshire Zoning Atlas project from gathering GIS zoning layers (shape files) to creating an interactive zoning map. Specific responsibilities include compiling GIS zoning layers for all 234 communities; digitizing paper zoning maps where GIS layers dont already exist; resolving discrepancies between the GIS zoning layers and the paper zoning maps; resolving boundaries of zoning districts and communities in GIS; and creating a classification system that normalize GIS zoning data for the entire state. The GIS Consultant will be assisted by volunteers and student interns and will be responsible for coordinating their work. The GIS Consultant will also be responsible for overseeing development of an interactive zoning map using ArcGIS Online or another interactive web application.

The GIS Consultant should be familiar with ArcDesktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Online and have proficiency in use of Model Builder, Geocoding, Editing, Georeferencing, and Digitizing.

Approximate total hours: 350