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Packhouse Supervisor

Job Details

Chicago 1 - Chicago, IL
$40,000.00 - $65,000.00 Salary



Gotham Greens is seeking a dynamic Production Supervisor that is responsible for day-to-day management of the Packing House (PH) and Production Area and supervision of the Packers. The Production Supervisor reports directly to the Assistant Plant Manager. This is a hands-on role requiring an individual is a team player, one who is willing to roll up their sleeves, and isn’t afraid to get dirty. The ideal candidate is passionate about sustainable agriculture and embraces Gotham Greens’ core values and mission

Prior experience in the natural and organic food industry a plus but not required. This is an opportunity for an enthusiastic, self-motivated and organized individual to assume a position at a rapidly growing, innovative, disruptive company in the 21st century food system.




Management of Packers

  • PH Packers report to Production Supervisor
  • Ensure PH Packers are punctual and work quickly and effectively
  • Train new assistants in the proper way to do tasks, handle leaves, and proper cleaning & sanitation methods of produce

Pace and Timing

  • Ensure the cases are packed according to pacing/timing chart
  • Complete pacing chart daily
  • Review pacing chart with Operations Manager daily
  • Manage assistants to pack carefully, delicately, quickly
  • Coordinate pace and timing with Greenhouse Supervisor
  • Evaluate effectiveness of packing methods and process
  • Evaluate effectiveness of PH Packers
  • Consistently work with Plant Manager/Grower s to improve packing methods and processes
  • Coordinate pace and timing with GH, record keeping, and pests and leaf health daily

Food Safety program

  • Ensure staff is following all proper food safety requirements and ensure timely completion of all necessary logs.
  • Ensure proper hand washing and use of gloves, aprons, and hair nets
  • Ensure PH Packers maintain clean clothes, personal hygiene and good health (e.g. no coughing, etc.
  • Supervise Packers adherence to the Packing House dress code and packing regulations, (e.g. no ear phones, no hoods, footwear specifications, no food, drinks, etc.)
  • Ensure clean work areas, bins, trays, scales, tables. No mobile phones or food on packing tables.
  • Ensure that soiled or dropped leaves are not packed
  • Ensure coolers are clean and temperatures are stable

Quality Control

  • Inspect and weigh produce; discard leaves as necessary; ensure no bugs, damaged leaves, tip burned leaves or leaved dropped on floor enter package
  • Monitor leaves for pests or pathogens and report to Greenhouse Supervisor

Daily delivery loading coordination

  • Assist in truck loading as needed.
  • Assist in loading boxes on to U-Boats and Pallets, carrying boxes to loading areas, loading cases onto trucks
  • Ensure loading time is quick, efficient, and safe
  • Evaluate effectiveness of loading procedures
  • Ensure staff safety to minimize injury, lifting strain, etc.
  • Work with Operations Manager ongoing basis to improve loading procedures

PH and Storage area cleanliness and maintenance

  • Maintenance and cleanliness of Packing House furniture, tools, floors and sinks
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of walk in coolers
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of storage areas
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of front and back stairs and roof area around greenhouse

Daily PH record keeping

  • Pace charts
  • Pack Logs
  • Food Safety Logs as assigned
  • Cooler inventory
  • Cooler temperatures
  • Supply Inventory Logs
  • Report supply needs and inventory to Operations Manager weekly

Assist in Daily Tasks as needed

  • Track and order labels and corrugated
  • Work with third party vendors and suppliers to resolve and Packing House and Production supply issues
  • Order and monitor inventory levels of all packing and harvesting supplies for PH and GH
  • Cover for Plant Manager and/or Sales and Logistics and provide support to NY region when related staff in out of the office
  • Complete weekly pack room reports
  • Manage labor costs, employee schedules, sick time and PTO, minimize OT, and maintain a sense of urgency and daily efficiency.
  • Professionally address employee concerns and complaints
  • Schedule cleaning and maintenance of the GH and PH and assist in the hand-on cleaning responsibilities of the farm.
  • Collaborating with GH Supervisor and day-end to ensure no further assistance is needed
  • Working until all daily responsibilities are complete for both, the GH and PH.

Improve Methods & Efficiency

  • Develop Best Practices for packing
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Ensure staff safety to minimize injury, lifting strain, etc.
  • Communicate daily with Plant Manager and Grower

Interpersonal Skills

  • Capable of maintaining a calm and collected composure during times of disorder, speaking to others in a respectful manner, and is skilled at productively handling multiple personality types.
  • A proficient in effectively communicating with employees throughout the organization orally and written
  • A willingness and desire to assist in unrelated and/or unassigned tasks to ensure the effective operation of the GH and PH.
  • Must be a problem solver and be capable of identifying areas of efficiencies.





  • Ability to lead by example with a “can do” attitude
  • Experience in greenhouse work and/or hydroponics
  • Familiarity with ERP and inventory control
  • Experience with food safety practices, goals, rules and regulations
  • Great multitasking abilities and ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • A strong desire to learn and grow
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in data collection and recording
  • Ability to motivate, inspire and coach hourly workforce
  • Problem-solving skills and foresight- capable to identify areas of efficiencies
  • Ability to work weekend and holiday coverage will be required on an as needed basis

The ideal candidate:

  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced environment
  • Passionate commitment to the company vision
  • Appreciation for sustainable agriculture and food




Gotham Greens is an indoor farming company and a fresh food brand on a mission to transform the way we approach our food system, putting people and the planet at the forefront. Gotham Greens produces and delivers long-lasting and delicious leafy greens, herbs, salad dressings, dips, and cooking sauces all year round to retail, restaurant, and foodservice customers.

A Certified B Corporation™, Gotham Greens sustainably grows high-quality produce using up to 95% less water and 97% less land than conventional farming through its national network of climate-controlled, high-tech greenhouses across America, including locations in New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, and California.

Since its launch in 2011, Gotham Greens has grown from a single urban rooftop greenhouse in Brooklyn, N.Y., to one of the largest hydroponic leafy green producers in North America. For more information, visit