BWH Social Work/Clinician LCSW PT
Job Details
BWH-Bournewood Hospital Brookline - Brookline, MA
Masters Degree
Health Care

Social Workers ~ Inpatient  per diem
We are currently seeking Social Workers to provides direct clinical service to assigned inpatients, inclusive of individual and family treatment interventions, case management, discharge planning and care consultation. At Bournewood, social workers are responsible for psychosocial assessments for each patient; attend all treatment teams and consults on an as-needed basis with other team members around issues of incumbent’s expertise, including case management and discharge planning; and provide direct clinical service to assigned inpatients.
Bournewood Health Systems is a behavioral health organization with a main campus in Brookline, MA and various satellite sites in Woburn, Lowell, and Dedham. We are dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based and person-centered treatment for people with mental health and substance use conditions in a safe and respectful environment in partnership with the individuals and families we serve, focusing on support, hope and recovery. We are committed to a philosophy and an environment of care in which we treat people with dignity, respect and mutuality; protect their rights; provide the best care possible; support them in returning to their natural communities; and include patients and families as partners in their treatment. We stand firmly for providing a safe and therapeutic environment for patients, families and staff. All Bournewood employees are continuously trained in this philosophy. All candidates must be able and willing to promote the values of trauma-informed and patient-centered care.
Salary: Negotiable
Start Date: ASAP
Openings:  per diem
Qualifications: Candidates must have experience with individuals with mental health, substance use and co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions; strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and the ability to multitask. Must be Masters prepared; LCSW or LICSW is preferred.
Location: Brookline, MA

Job Description

Essential Functions:       


  1. Assumes role of social worker for those patients assigned.
  2. Meets with patients as indicated to complete the written psychosocial evaluations.  Ensures that assessments are completed on patients with the earliest day and time of admission.  Date and time of admission is obtained from the Admissions Department.
  3. Communicates to other weekend social workers which assessments are completed and which are not.  The goal is to ensure that all weekend admissions have a completed assessment by the next business day.
  4. When child abuse or neglect is suspected, notifies the proper authorities following Massachusetts Law and professional standards of practice.  When neglect or abuse of a disabled person and or the elderly is suspected and disclosed directly to the social worker s/he notifies the proper authorities following Massachusetts Law and professional standards of practice.
  5. Obtains releases of information from the patient for all collaterals, supports, family and primary care physician.
  6. Establishes contact with primary care physician, with appropriate ROI, to inform him/her of patient’s admission to the hospital.
  7. Is available for consultation to the treatment team as needed.
    Essential Competencies:
  8. Knowledge of major mental illness, i.e. schizophrenia and the impact of family
  9. Knowledge of developmental stages and clinical implications regarding abandonment
  10. Knowledge and understanding of biological and sociocultural changes influencing the aged (geriatric population), adults and adolescents.
  11. Knowledge of substance use disorders and related treatments
  12. Knowledge of family systems dynamics
  13. Is competent in delivering patient care that is trauma informed and patient centered. As indicated by:
  14. Provides care that is kind, collaborative and compassionate.
  15. Able to defuse power struggles and doesn’t need “to win”.
  16. Appropriate assessment of clients for a history of trauma
  17. Recognize/assess a range of trauma-related behaviors
  18. Implement trauma-sensitive interventions with people served



Minimum Qualifications: 

Masters Degree in Social Work from an accredited school of social work.  Inpatient field placement experience is preferred.  Must be licensed or license eligible


Physical Criteria:

  1. Must be able to walk up and down stairs
  2. Must be able to use a telephone
  3. Must be able to sit for up to 8 hours
    Reports to:          Manager of Social Services