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Job Details

OneCore Health - Oklahoma City, OK
Full Time


Overall Responsibility:

Serves as the Drug Room Supervisory and provides administrative support (60%) for perioperative services including medication and supply ordering/stocking, informatics/system integration support, and other administrative tasks as assigned/delegated by the perioperative services manager. Provides clinical support (40%) in perioperative services as assigned based on staffing and schedule needs.

Key tasks and responsibilities (essential functions):

  • Reporting to the RN Perioperative Services Manager, the LPN provides administrative support and patient care in perioperative services according to policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Recognizes emergency situation, responds quickly and efficiently following policy and procedure, ACLS, physician orders or emergency plan to prevent adverse patient outcomes. Practices within scope of Practice as an LPN.
  • Under the supervision of the RN provides verbal and written instructions to family or responsible party for home care including emergency contact numbers, general instructions and physician specific instructions.
  • Documents patient observation data, interventions and patient outcomes a according to policy and procedure and standards.
  • Assists with placing follow-up calls to patients and responses recorded appropriately.
  • Restocks supplies/equipment and cleans according to policy and procedure.
  • Demonstrates appropriate knowledge and competence of designated skills identified for position.
  • Adheres to established OneCore Health safety requirements and procedures to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Interacts with all patients, families, visitors and fellow employees in a mature, responsible manner to ensure a positive and professional environment.
  • Communicates patient information to assure confidentiality and continuity of care.
  • Informs RN Perioperative Services Manager and/or clinical coordinators of applicable day-to-day situations.
  • Follows employee health and other personnel and staffing policies.

Medication Management - Under pharmaceutical practice guidelines, this role assists in providing drug distribution, technical services, and clinical services associated with the purchasing, receiving, storage, and disbursement of pharmaceuticals. Collaborates with other professional disciplines to ensure effective and efficient medication delivery and the achievement of desired patient outcomes.

  • Maintains the operational integrity of the drug rooms within the hospital.
    • Request orders for medications from Materials Manager utilizing par levels for purchased volume.
    • Receives and store medications according to hospital policy and procedure. Ensures rotation of drugs to ensure first in first out or out by expiration date.
    • Removes and properly disposes of medications that are outdated.
    • Retrieves and delivers medication orders and supplies.
    • Performs quality assurance/improvement audits in collaboration with the consulting pharmacist.
    • Participates in quality improvement activities.
    • Assists in record-keeping activities for controlled and non-controlled medications.
    • Maintains adequate drug inventories in drug room and patient care areas.
    • Performs fill of automatic medication dispensing unit.
    • Review’s purchasing orders for medications, stores medications appropriately for non-controlled medications, delivers medications, and manages drug inventory.
    • May administer prescribed medications and treatments in accordance with approved nursing techniques.
    • Facilitates scanning of medications into the Pyxis units as necessary.
  • Acts as a liaison with the Pyxis service vendor accountable for the operation and upkeep of the physical Pyxis units.
  • Utilizes critical thinking skills to assist in record auditing and billing queries related to medication management.
  • Abides by all Oklahoma State board and Pharmacy regulations surrounding medication monitoring.
  • Audits accuracy and/or discrepancies of information in the automated pharmacy system. Consult and clarify any discrepancies with nurses and/or providers.
  • Interfaces with the contracted pharmacist and facilitates discussion of medication management related matters including discrepancies, policy review, formulary changes, adverse drug reactions, best practices, record review, education, etc
  • Inputs, oversees, and facilitates all entries of medication-related information into technical systems including the Carefusion database and electronic medical record for appropriate record keeping and billing purposes.

Other Responsibilities

  • Adheres to established hospital safety requirements and procedures to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Aware of supplies and protocols in the event an emergency arises.
  • Demonstrates the safe operation of equipment and machinery and follows procedures for reporting and correcting an unsafe situation.
  • Demonstrates effective communication with staff of varying education levels.
  • Communicates patient information to assure confidentiality and continuity of care.
  • Interacts with all patients, families, visitors, and fellow employees in a mature, responsible manner to ensure a positive and professional hospital environment.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Oklahoma State 667 guidelines, OSHA and other regulatory requirements as well as professional standards such as AORN, APIC, AAMI, CDC, ASPAN, etc. Assists in developing policies according to professional standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Assists staff and leadership with performance improvement activities. Collaborates with nursing leadership to design and conduct interventions to address performance improvement and quality management gaps.
  • Assists in the assessment, planning, training, implementation, and integration of new technologies and processes.
  • May serve in the role of LPN in perioperative services position for which qualified.
  • Other responsibilities and duties as they arise in support of the organization.

Licensure and Certification: Current LPN licensure in the state of Oklahoma. BLS required, PALS and ACLS preferred. If not current in PALS or ACLS then will obtain training within six months.

Experience/Education: At least one year of LPN experience required