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Director of Educational Technology

Job Details

Westchester Middle School - White Plains, NY

Director of Educational Technology & Learning Support


The Windward School is currently seeking a Director of Educational Technology & Learning Support that will be responsible for developing, implementing, and supporting a strategic plan for educational technology; serving a multidivisional and multicampus school. As part of the schools leadership team, this new position will ensure that the vision and execution of the plan is aligned with The Windward Schools mission. In addition to developing and implementing a vision, the Director will work with faculty and staff on innovation and integration initiatives as well as work seamlessly with the information technology (IT) department.


Consistent with the academic priorities of the School, the Director will manage instructional strategies and applications as well as guide the appropriate implementation of technology in Windward academic programs. The Director will collaborate extensively with faculty, staff, and parents on integration initiatives to ensure that educational technology is supporting the needs of the Windward community.


Qualified candidates will should not only have the experience and expertise listed but also should:

  • Be innovative and collaborative with the skills to provide vision, leadership, and management
  • Have a deep understanding of and a passion to support The Windward Schools mission
  • Display a proven commitment to diversity work and fostering an inclusive culturally competent school environment


Duties and Responsibilities


  • In collaboration with the Senior Administration team and in consultation with faculty and staff, creates a strategic vision for Windwards educational technology program in support of Windwards mission
  • Accesses and evaluates the status of educational technology at Windward and leads discussion on strategic and operational decisions
  • Develops an operational and capital educational technology budget
  • Creates a culture of innovation and exploration among faculty and staff to integrate technology methodologies into their teaching
  • Researches, designs and implements new initiatives that enhance and build on existing program
  • Leads the Schools transition into a Learning Management System
  • In collaboration with the Windward Teacher Training Program, designs and leads professional development experiences for faculty, staff, students and parents in technology integration
  • Identifies and recommends external professional development opportunities
  • Ensures that all faculty and staff receive sufficient training and support to be effective in their use of educational technology
  • In collaboration with The Windward Institute, designs professional development opportunities for the greater Windward community
  • Develops and maintains collaboration with educational technology research faculty from The Haskins Laboratories
  • Ensures the educational technology program affords students the full range of skills they need for success at the next level of their academic career
  • Conducts Assistive Technology evaluations on all students to ensure their assistive technology needs are identified and met.
  • Establishes a process for faculty and staff to be apprised of emerging and innovative technology and establishes a protocol for preview, piloting and evaluation
  • Liaises with Division Heads, Director of Language Arts, Curriculum Coordinators and team leaders to ensure coordination of technology to support curriculum instruction and assessment
  • Observes lessons and student activities in the classroom, making recommendations and offering on-to-one tutoring on the integration of helpful technology tools and strategies for learning support.
  • Conducts meetings with faculty regarding students and discusses effective and appropriate assistive technology tools catered to that students needs. Discusses the students learning plan and appropriate classroom accommodations and interventions.
  • Establishes and maintains an active association with the local, regional, and national technology community to support strategic goals
  • Actively contributes and supports the DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) initiatives of The School
  • Embody Windwards core values of Commitment, Growth, Impact and Community
  • Other duties as assigned by the Head of School


Specific Requirements

  • Bachelors degree required; graduate degree preferred
  • 3-5 years of teaching experience including the use of instructional technology to improve student learning outcomes
  • Proven expertise in instructional technology, design, and innovation
  • Proven expertise in designing and leading professional development opportunities in educational technology
  • Outstanding organizational, communication and collaborative change management skills
  • Prior supervisory experience

About Us

The Windward School is the preeminent school for the remediation of language-based learning disabilities for students in Grades 1-9. Through a multisensory, direct instruction curriculum, Windward helps students thrive academically, while enabling them to understand their learning styles, build confidence, and develop self-advocacy skills.


The Windward School's vision is a world where every child with a language-based learning disability is empowered to achieve unlimited success.


Windward currently employs more than 450 faculty and staff members across four divisions and three campuses, giving employees a small, tight-knit community at their campus while feeling part of a larger organization. Two Westchester campuses are located in White Plains, NY, and the Manhattan campus is located on the Upper East Side. Due to COVID, we have a temporary campus for our Manhattan Lower School on the Upper West Side.


The Windward School also has two divisions that support its mission The Windward Teaching Training Program and The Windward Institute.

  • The renowned Windward Teacher Training Program recruits, hires, trains, mentors, and retains teachers at The Windward School.
  • The Windward Institute offers professional development to all educators, forms partnerships with research and educational institutions, and advocates for students with language-based learning disabilities.


The Windward School truly transforms students' lives, and our faculty and staff all contribute daily to the School's mission. The friendly, hard-working, and collegial Windward community provides a supportive professional environment in which all members are encouraged to develop into outstanding educational professionals.


Our Mission

Windward is a coeducational, independent day school dedicated to providing a proven instructional program for children with language-based learning disabilities. The multisensory curriculum is designed for students of average to superior intelligence who can benefit from the unique educational experience provided. Through direct instruction in small class settings, a trained staff assists students to improve their language skills. Academic success, combined with opportunities for social and emotional growth within an intentionally diverse and inclusive setting, enables students to understand their learning differences, build confidence, and develop self-advocacy skills. Windward is committed to helping students achieve their full potential in preparation for a successful return to a mainstream educational environment. To meet these goals, the School provides ongoing training to its faculty based on the most current research and shares its expertise with the parent body, other educators, and the broader community.