Oyster Schucker
Job Details
Plank Seafood Provisions - Old Market - Omaha, NE
Restaurant - Food Service

Education Requirements
High School or equivalent 

Previous experience in a commercial kitchen, basic knife skills, knowledge of standard cooking methods preferred. Must have the ability to understand and apply written and verbal instruction. We have a thorough training program to prepare you for success in your position. 

Must be able to work all areas of the restaurant and operate kitchen equipment. Position requires standing, bending, lifting, kneeling, and walking the entire workday. Must have the ability to lift 10 pounds frequently and up to 30 pounds occasionally.  

Job Description
An Oyster Schucker is responsible for ensuring the Oyster bar is prepared based on established procedures. To aid chef and kitchen staff with food preparation. Reading and following established recipes and plating requirements as set by the executive chef. The Oyster Schucker provides fast, accurate schucking of Oysters. The Oyster Bar is centrally located in the dining room of the restaurant. Interaction with guests and a positive attitude will be a large part of your responsibility.  

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Shucks fresh oysters, clams, or scallops bivalves, preparatory to fresh packing 
  • Holds shellfish firmly and forces shucking knife between halves of shell at hinge juncture 
  • Twists knife to sever muscles holding shell closed pries open 
  • Cuts shellfish from shell, flips it into container, and discards shell 
  • May break off edges of shells before shucking, using hatchet 
  • Cleans & prepares shellfish for serving to customers.  
  • Washes shellfish in water. 
  • May mix ketchup, horseradish, lemon juice, and also other ingredients to make sauces 
  • Ensure oyster bar is properly prepared based on established procedures 
  • Aid chef and kitchen staff with food preparation 
  • Follow established recipes and plating requirements as set by the executive chef 
  • Provide fast, accurate shucking of oysters 
  • Restock all items through each shift 
  • Ensure all tools and equipment are properly stored and safely used 
  • Ability to follow daily HACCP sanitation procedures