Division Supervisor
Job Description:
IFAI Headquarters - Roseville, MN
Full Time
4 Year Degree

Position Summary:

Administer the affairs of the division in accordance with IFAI’s bylaws, guidelines, direction and legal requirements, as well as the division’s. Develop and maintain a business plan that identifies and meets the specific needs and goals of the division, including budgets, annual and long-range plans, priorities and strategies. *Internally this position is titled Division Supervisor

Two opportunities as a Program Manager:

Within IFAI there are several Division Supervisors with different markets they focus on.

One opening is for our Geosynthetic Materials Division. This particular area of work includes a government relations activities, technical program management, and work with allied associations and technical groups. The ideal candidate would have aptitude for technical specifications, basic engineering concepts, and interest in non-partisan government advocacy work. Travel is 10-25% of the time.

The other opening is for our shade and custom fabrication-focused divisions (fabric architecture, large scale tents, boating/marine products). The major programs for these divisions involve industry standards and education. Architects, fire marshals and building code officials are key audiences for programs these divisions create. The idea candidate would have aptitude for basic building or textile concepts and interest in architecture, green building or fabrication. Travel is 10-20% of the time.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Administer the affairs of the division in accordance with its bylaws, guidelines and legal requirements.
  • Develop and maintain a business plan that identifies and meets the specific needs and goals of the division, including budgets, annual and long-range plans, priorities and strategies.
  • Develop proposals for new or improved programs, products or services and present these to the division leadership for approval and funding.
  • Manages division governance, which includes working with division leadership, adherence and recording of minutes to ensure conformity to IFAI guidelines and bylaws as well as legal requirements.
  • Oversee membership growth and retention. Coordinates recruitment of division leaders and volunteers and members.
  • Develop and administer programs and services specifically designed for division members such as meetings, seminars, communications, special events, etc. Work with IFAI’s Conference Management Department when policy requires.
  • Coordinate the development of articles for IFAI publications when necessary. Work with IFAI’s Communications Department when policy requires it.
  • Manages division record keeping activities for finances, membership and programs to ensure accuracy, consistency, timeliness, maintenance and adherence to IFAI procedures. Maintain files including activity procedures, working project files, historical records, timeliness and contingency plans. Work with IFAI’s Finance & Administration Department when policy requires it.
  • Communicate with members on a regular basis.
  • Work with information service staff to ensure that member’s questions are answered quickly and accurately.
  • Develop and maintain rapport with affiliated organizations and key government agencies.
  • Performs related duties as required.


  • Minimum B.A./B.S. and/or equivalent education experience.
  • 3 to 5 years association/nonprofit experience and/or related business experience.
  • Experience working with volunteers and advisory boards.
  • Experience coordinating events, workshops, and/or conferences.
  • Proven ability to organize and prioritize multiple work projects and tasks under pressure, as well as remain reliable and flexible.
  • Strong attention to details, deadlines, documentation and project timelines.
  • Ability to work independently within role and make decisions quickly.
  • Ability to monitor membership and division goals and understand project budgets.
  • Self-motivated and willing to take ownership of projects, learn quickly and take on additional responsibilities.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, including editing and proofing, with experience communicating with a wide variety of audiences.
  • Ability to interact and communicate with all levels of internal and external customers.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality when working with customer information.
  • Possess strong negotiation skills and ability to take initiative.
  • Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite (i.e. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Experience with database and online software.
  • Experience with website management and social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) a plus.
  • Must be able to lift to 25 - 50lbs.
  • Travel 10-25% of the time.