Research Associate - Cell Culture Development
Job Details
Minneapolis, MN - Minneapolis, MN
Full Time
Bachelor's Degree

By joining the Bio-Techne team, you will have an impact on future cutting-edge research. Bio-Techne and all of its brands provides tools for researchers in Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics.  

Position Summary: 

A Research Associate is responsible for development of cell culture protocols for new recombinant protein products. This includes screening clones and testing growth conditions in bioreactors and other culture formats, in small to medium scale. It may also include cooperation with the molecular biology group in creation of new clones and clone libraries, creation and characterization of new cell lines, and screening studies in search for novel protein product targets.

Key Responsibilities:  

  • Grow and maintain cultures for the purpose of recombinant protein expression, strain maintenance, and miscellaneous experiments.
  • Plan and conduct experiments with the purpose of improving recombinant protein yields, quality, and process efficiency.
  • Analyze expression levels using techniques such as gel electrophoresis, immunoassays, bioassays, quantitative RT-PCR, RNA-Seq, and other applicable techniques.
  • Collaborate with molecular biology group on creation of clones and cell lines.
  • Perform data entry and analysis, prepare reports. Share data at meetings with fellow employees.
  • Propose, plan, and analyze experiments.
  • Collaborate with other departments/labs as needed.
  • Draft and revise standard operating procedures.
  • Study scientific literature. Suggest process improvements and new product targets.
  • Share basic lab duties such as stock solutions, buffers, and media preparation, cleaning, instrument maintenance. Share weekend responsibilities as needed.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.

Education and Experience: 

  • Required, Bachelor’s degree and 0-2 years of relevant experience 
  • Preferred, 2+ years of relevant experience

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  

  • Experience conducting cell culture with aseptic technique
  • Understanding of common techniques such as SDS PAGE, immunoassays, nucleic acid manipulation
  • Microbial/yeast/insect/mammalian bioreactor experience preferred
  • Microbial/yeast/insect/mammalian media development experience preferred
  • Computer entry, typing, optionally coding, skills
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) preferred
  • Ability to work collaboratively as well as independently 
  • Oral/written communication skills 
  • Ability to multi-task, troubleshoot, and perform well in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

Where permitted by applicable law, candidate must have received or be willing to receive an FDA authorized COVID-19 vaccine by date of hire to be considered for this position.