Traffic Safety Specialist - Lima
Job Details
Lima - Wapakoneta, OH

A TMI Traffic Safety Specialist (TSS) is responsible for executing TMI’s Corporate Safety Program initiatives at the Branch and Regional level. Under the direction of the Corporate Safety Director and the VP of Operations, the TSS will work with the regional and branch level managers to meet these objectives. Traffic Safety and Traffic Controller Safety and Health is emphasized and is the primary objective. Evaluation of Traffic Controller will also be a component for quality control and feedback on TC training.

Essential Duties:
• Consult with Dispatchers / Operations Assistants to coordinate field safety audits and traffic controller safety evaluations.
• Review, select and prioritize job visits and inspect based on branch needs
• Become familiar with skills & qualifications of branch traffic controllers in order to provide recommendations for safety performance reviews and training
• Conduct Traffic Control Safety inspections ensuring proper equipment is used and setups are correct according to the MUTCD and WATCH manuals to ensure jobsite safety
• Ensure field crews are adhering to all safety guidelines (PPE, safety equipment, attentiveness)
• Ensure proper paperwork and documentation for jobsite is brought by TC’s when inspecting job’s and for training purposes
• Conduct inspections in a professional manner with a positive attitude
• Fill out jobsite inspections reports, corrective actions, incident reports, and any other applicable safety reporting
• Respond to all accidents / injuries immediately and conduct investigations following all proper procedures. TSS must take the lead ensuring all documentation is submitted and followed through with corporate
• Ensure field equipment is in proper working order and report any unsafe equipment
• Able to perform basic Traffic Control if required
• Must be available for emergencies and after hours incident response
• When required, meet with local customer safety contacts, insurance loss control or city safety inspectors and represent TMI in meetings


Required Knowledge:
• TMI Safety Program and IIPP
• MUTCD and various local Traffic Control Regulations including ADA and Pedestrian Traffic Safety
• Federal and State OSHA Standards
• TMI TC Classification knowledge
• Familiarity of various traffic control setups from simple to complex
• Permit regulations
• TMI field employee handbook
• Know and understand TMI Policies and Procedures

Basic Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Traffic Control Operations
• Ability to work well with others in team atmosphere
• Computer aptitude
• Proficient in MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.)
• Customer service and interaction and ability to present in classroom setting and field

Equipment Knowledge:
• Vehicles (Trucks/Cars) of various sizes
• Flatbed trucks
• Trailer mounted warning signs
• Cones, delineators, drums, barricades, signs and various other traffic control devices
• Trailer Safety

Physical Requirements & Work Environment
• Requires standing for prolonged periods of time
• Requires lifting up 50lb
• Requires using hands to handle, control or lift objects
• Requires being outside and exposed to environmental conditions
• Requires being in construction environment
• Requires repetitive movement
• Exposure to work near moving mechanical parts, heavy equipment and moving vehicular traffic
• Exposure to reasonable noise levels

Education and Experience:
• High School Diploma (or equivalent)
• Must have valid drivers license and meet the Company’s insurance coverage requirements
• Preferred candidate must have:

  •  80% or better on pre‐employment testing
  •  2 years or more traffic control experience
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