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Physical Therapist-SS

Job Details

Step by Step - Atco, NJ
Per Diem
Physical Therapist
Road Warrior
Nonprofit - Social Services


The general function of the department:

Evaluate and treat individual children from birth to three years of age and support families following guidelines set by NJEI system.

The primary purpose of this position:

Act as a member of the core Early Intervention team and work with the child and family to develop strategies that support motoric and postural deficits.

Specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Complete eligibility determinations, assessments, IFSPs, 6 month and annual reviews.
  • Staff instructions for carrying out transdisciplinary approach to early intervention services.
  • Assess physical development of each child.
  • Identify primary physical problem in childs development areas.
  • Formulate IFSP to meet each childs needs in conjunction with the family.
  • Provide services to the child and family in the natural setting as determined by the IFSP.
  • Explore adaptive equipment for proper positioning and assist family with this decision.
  • Communicate effectively with staff, director, children and families.
  • Complete all required reports, session sheets, updates, and annual reviews.
  • Deliver required original paperwork for evaluations, assessments, annual reviews and service sessions to Step by Step office by deadlines designated by program director and evaluation coordinator.
  • Schedule family visits within acceptable timelines as per procedural safeguards.
  • Participate in bi-monthly team meetings.
  • Complete all mandatory Early Intervention trainings within required timelines.
  • Demonstrate acceptable levels of job performance by attaining productivity goals mutually agreed upon with Program Director.
  • Perform all other miscellaneous duties as assigned.


Minimum educational requirements:

  • graduate degree

Minimum experience required:

  • one year
  • other State Licensure

Other knowledge, skills, and certifications required:

Licensed Physical Therapist, State of New Jersey

The number of employees supervised by this position:


The usual internal and external contacts:

  • Internal SBS Director and Evaluation Coordinator
  • External Families, Regional Early Intervention Collaborative (REIC), Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative (SNJPC), local Early Intervention Agencies and practitioners

The percent of time spent on physical activity while performing the job functions:

a) sitting 33.4 %

b) standing 33.3 %

c) other (ie - bending) 33.3 %

Total 100%

The percent of time spent on physical effort while performing the job functions:

a) lifting 33.4 %

b) carrying 33.3 %

c) pushing/ pulling 33.3 %

Total 100%

The percent of time spent on sensory effort while performing the job functions:

a) visual 33.4 %

b) hearing 33.3 %

c) speaking 33.3 %

Total 100%

The percent of travel involved with the position:

Almost if not 100%

Machines or equipment used:

(*) typewriter (*) telephone

(*) computer (*) photocopier

(*) fax ( ) other list

The working conditions (heat, cold, dust, fumes, etc.) that apply to this position are:

Conditions vary depending on location. Therapists are expected to use caution when entering family homes.

Any safety conditions or hazards associated with this position:

Normal driving hazards.

Additional comments:

License Frequency: Biennial