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Automation Sales Advisor

Job Details

Matrix Design LLC - Bartlett, IL
Full Time


Matrix Design is an industrial automation company specializing in the design, build-out, and implementation of automation systems that radically improve a manufacturing company’s metrics. We work in dozens of industries, from packaging and automotive to medical and manufacturing. Our work is innovative, challenging, and complex.
But it’s people who make Matrix a great company! Our culture rests upon six Core Values that we strive to embody each and every day:

  • We Can Do That!
  • We Do It Right!
  • We Do What We Say
  • We Do It Better Next Time!
  • We Do It Together!
  • We Do It for a Greater Purpose

Matrix Design is committed to developing great people, building a great company, and delivering great results. Therefore, we are committed to your development and success!



  • A Unique Sales Process enables salesmen and clients to win!
  • A Problem-Solving Approach provides effective and efficient solutions to clients
  • A State-of-the-art Facility impresses clients and demonstrates Matrix's commitment to providing the highest quality solution for our clients
  • An Ongoing Commitment to the training and development of employees


The automation market continues to grow at double digits, and we believe there are ample opportunities for us to help create strong manufacturing operations with our clients. The Automation Sales Advisor listens to understand the cost of a client’s problem, believes we can be of help, and develops solutions that mutually benefit both companies.


Contribute to the overall success of Matrix by finding companies who want to radically improve their performance through automation and securing contracts to help us partner with them successfully.



1.) Be a Great Team Player

  • Core Values: Model our Core Values while encouraging them in fellow team members
  • Collaboration: Cooperate with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and the larger Matrix team to produce great automation solutions for our clients
  • Engagement: Matrix has a strong team of professionals in all disciplines. Our sales team is expected to interact well with each person in service of our clients.


2.) Achieve the Team’s Goals

  • Understand the Client: Build rapport and trust. Listen, empathize, and truly understand the client's needs.
  • Build the Right Relationships: Establish credibility with decision-makers. Build long-term relationships by understanding their evolving needs and consistently delivering value.
  • Customize and Personalize: Develop partnerships with clients. Customize your approach with each client, prioritizing their unique requirements.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Sell value, not systems. Work to balance the right functionality and return on investment.
  • Communicate Effectively: Listen more, talk less. Ask questions to draw out the client’s desired future and articulate a clear path to achieve it.
  • Resilient and Persistent: Rejection is a speed bump. Demonstrate persistence and optimism in the face of challenges, learning from setbacks and leveraging them as opportunities for growth.
  • Adaptable: Markets change, client needs to evolve, and products/services get updated. Adapt quickly, modifying your approach and strategies accordingly.
  • Manage Time: Win fast, lose fast. Generate opportunities, prioritize leads, manage pipelines, and balance multiple clients efficiently.
  • Close Deals: Know when and how to close a deal. Understand buying signals, overcome objections, and close deals to meet sales goals of $3 to $6M annually.
  • Educate the Client: An educated client is a better partner. Help clients understand how automation solves their challenges or maximizes opportunities.


3.) Improve the Matrix Way

  • Seek ways to improve Matrix’s people, products, and processes
  • Provide input to Matrix management regarding ways to innovate the Matrix Way




  • Goal-Driven. Self-Motivated. Highly Competitive. Maximizes Opportunity. Shared Urgency.


  • Emotionally Intelligent. Team-Oriented. Unafraid to Lose. Well-Respected. Warm.


  • Curious. Decisive. Economic Savvy. Common Sense. Sound Judgement. Intuitive.