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Production Manager

Job Details

Matrix Design LLC - Bartlett, IL
Full Time
4 Year Degree


Matrix Design is an industrial automation company specializing in the design, build-out, and implementation of automation systems that radically improve manufacturing metrics. We work in dozens of industries, from packaging and automotive to medical and manufacturing. Our work is innovative, challenging, and complex.

But it’s people who make Matrix a great company! Our culture rests upon six Core Values that we strive to embody each and every day:

  • We Can Do That!
  • We Do It Right!
  • We Do What We Say
  • We Do It Better Next Time!
  • We Do It Together!
  • We Do It for a Greater Purpose

Matrix Design is committed to developing great people, building a great company, and delivering great results. Therefore, we are committed to your development and success!


Contribute to the overall success of Matrix by contributing to the successful completion of automation systems that solve the complex problems of our customers.


The Production Manager contributes to the successful design, build-out, runoff, and commissioning of projects by providing leadership, management, and accountability to the Build Team and its members.


1.) Provide Leadership, Management, and Accountability (LMA) to Production Team

  • Model Matrix’s Core Values while encouraging them in each team member
  • Empower Team Leads to successfully carry out their roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate regularly scheduled “121” meetings with team members, coaching individuals to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Facilitate annual performance reviews, building and maintaining Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for all team members
  • Identify opportunities for ongoing technical training and development of future production leaders

2.) Owns all aspects of the production process to produce high-quality, on-time systems

  • Document and maintain effective game plans for pre-production and production
  • Collaborate with engineering teams, materials management, and sales to resolve issues quickly to keep projects moving forward
  • Maintain appropriate staff level to ensure quality, productivity, and on-time delivery
  • Challenge team members to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Conduct regular check-in meetings to set goals, assess progress, and resolve issues
  • Coordinate production data including scheduling, resources, capacity, and compliance
  • Review, approve, and correct individual clocked times to make sure they are accurate and allocated to the correct project and sequence

3.) Facilities Management

  • Ensure a safe environment for both people and the facility
  • Manage shop layout to provide adequate space for systems to be built, powered up, run off, disassembled, and packed for shipment
  • Ensure shop cleanliness by engaging teams in FOD walks and individual 5S practices
  • Maintain adequate shop supplies and resources
  • Schedule maintenance of forklifts, machines, and other equipment as needed

4.) Improve the effectiveness of the Build Team by achieving the following metrics:

  • Timeliness of Project Completion
    • Manage project deadlines, hitting promised delivery dates
    • Decrease start/completion delays
    • Improve the speed at which quality issues are resolved
  • Efficiency of Work
    • Manage gameplans with Team Leads so actual hours match estimated hours
    • Manage indirect and unbillable hours

5.) Help Improve the Matrix Way

  • Strive continuously to improve processes within the production
  • Strive continuously to improve processes within the company



  • Experience in production management required; low-volume custom machine build environment preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
  • Team player who is Hungry, Humble, and Smart
  • Self-motivated, intellectually curious, and driven to solve problems
  • Detail-oriented and able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform