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Pharmacist in Charge

Job Details

Chico Medical - Chico, CA
Full Time
$134,300.00 - $194,700.00 Salary
Weekdays Only


Why work for Ampla Health?

Ampla Health provides the individuals and communities we serve with high quality, comprehensive, community health care that is accessible to all and culturally and linguistically appropriate.

  • Great Benefits including Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • 4 weeks paid time off to start.
  • 9 paid holidays
  • 401k and profit sharing
  • Full time, Monday to Friday
  • Great work/home life balance

GENERAL PURPOSE: Pharmacist In Charge

Provide patient-centered care to meet the needs of the community with a focus on special populations. Working alongside our healthcare providers, we have taken an integrated approach to providing pharmacy services with the upmost quality care. PIC are responsible for the daily operations of the pharmacy and maintaining compliance with Federal/State laws.


Compliance and documentation

Adhere to state and federal laws enforced by the FDA, DEA, and EPA and provisions of Controlled Substance Act (CSA) regulations pertaining to:

  • The security of the drug supply chain.
  • The regulation and security of all medication and controlled substances.
  • The management of pharmaceutical hazardous waste.

Adhere to and implement regulations and guidelines pertaining to:

  • Storage, Transfer & Disposal - Inventory, packaging, transfer, or disposal of all medication and controlled drugs in your custody.
  • Security - In the unfortunate event of theft or significant loss of any controlled substance—such as an “in-transit loss” during shipment—you must notify DEA and Local Police; Complete DEA Form 106 (Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances).
  • Record-Keeping - maintain complete, accurate, up-to-date records for every controlled substance purchased, received, stored, distributed, dispensed, disposed of, or otherwise passing through your pharmacy.
  • Inventory - Maintain complete and accurate inventory records accounting for all medication and controlled substances in your custody.
  • Complete Biannual Community Pharmacy Self-Assessment and ensure all requirements are met. (Before July 1 of each odd numbered year)

Customer Service: Pharmacist in Charge 

  • Develop, enhance, and/or maintain programs/services based on specific community and patient needs.
  • Successfully implement new programs/services and/or improve existing programs/services  
  • Establish collaborative pharmacist–patient relationships. 
  • Use appropriate techniques and clinical skills to administer medications, including immunizations.
  • Document patient care activities appropriately, according to policies and procedures
  • Record patient outcomes according to policies and procedures.
  • Use effective communication skills when providing patient wellness, and disease prevention education and counseling.
  • Communicate ongoing patient information to other health care professionals.
  • Maintain disease and treatment knowledge via current literature and clinical practice guidelines. 

Administrative Oversight: Pharmacist in Charge 

  • Practice Management and staff supervisions.   
  • Establish collaborative professional relationships with other health care professionals involved in the care of patients.
  • Adhere to and integrate legal, regulatory, safety, and relevant accreditation requirements.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality via an organized, secure documentation system.
  • Exhibit practice leadership in organizational and management activities
  • Maintain consistent communications with pharmacy management and staff
  • Convey a professional appearance, image, attitude, and behavior
  • Serve as a mentor for new technicians and pharmacists


  1. Maintains a professional relationship and positive attitude with co-workers the public, patients and all Ampla Health’s staff, Board of Directors, and vendors.
  2. Maintains the highest professional ethics and is honest in dealing with people; is a model for all employees through his/her actions.
  3. Strive to learn more and is receptive to learning different ways of doing things.
  4. Displays enthusiasm toward the work and mission of Ampla Health.



  1. Preferred two years experience as a Pharmacist.
  2. Valid Pharmacist License.
  3. Written and verbal communication skills in English commensurate with college level education, with preference given for written and verbal communication skills in Spanish.
  4. Valid California Driver's License, proof of insurance, and personal transportation.
  5. Demonstrate clear knowledge of Ampla Health’s clinic structure, standards, procedures, and protocols.


COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Pharmacist in Charge 

  1. Must be able to interact with patients and staff courteously and calmly.
  2. Ability to communicate well with the public.  
  3. Works well with co-worker and vendors in a generally comfortable environment office.


  1. May require prolonged sitting.
  2. Able to move up to 25 lbs. (small equipment, supplies, etc.)
  3. Must be able to hear staff on the phone and those who are served in-person and speak clearly to communicate information to clients and staff.
  4. Must be able to have vision which is adequate to read memos, a computer screen, registration forms and other clinic documents.
  5. Ability to use general office equipment such as a computer, copy machine, telephone, etc.