Community Development and Fundraising Internship
Job Details
Haverhill YMCA - Haverhill, MA

The YMCA of the North Shore is comprised of seven local YMCAs that have joined together or been developed over the last decade and a half to create one YMCA association.   As one of the largest non-profits in the area, our Y impacts 1 out of every 3 people on the North Shore. Through our various fitness and wellness programs we create a healthier and happier community. Our youth development programs give kids and teens a chance to learn and grow, while making long lasting friendships. Being a socially responsible organization, we’ve made it our mission to provide services to all regardless of their ability to pay. 


As an organization we are not only growing in membership and community impact, but continuing to develop new and progressive spaces that will better serve our communities in the future, including the planning and development of a new Haverhill YMCA facility.  An internship at the Y is an opportunity to gain exposure to the work of leaders within a non-profit organization and an opportunity to view a potential career path in an organization that makes you proud to be part of it. 


Internship Summary:


Working Directly with a Regional Executive Director with over 30 years of non-profit management experience, the Community Development & Fundraising Intern will be deeply involved in the initial planning and fundraising process for building a new YMCA facility.  In this role the Community Development & Fundraising Intern will have a birdseye view of the role a non-profit executive plays in driving an organization forward. The Intern will support relationship building and collaborative partnering with other social service organizations, consider theoretical issues such as community capacity building, sustainability, and ethical engagement. This opportunity will focus on leadership qualities and skills, expectations, responsibilities, and potential career paths within the non-profit sector.  Interns will attend planning meetings and become immersed in YUSA curriculum components that will deepen experiential learning.


Through this internship, the student is expected to meet the following outcomes:


  • Learn to develop collaborations with local business partners

  • Assess and build plans to address community needs and consider financial resource management

  • Gain experience in supporting the development and implementation of a fundraising plan

  • Collaborate with local non-profit board members and gain an understanding of the business functions of a YMCA

  • Be an advocate for the needs of a community and an organization

  • Participate in non-profit programming and local Y events 

  • Serve with the Executive Director on a Community Impact Committee


This venture is a new collaborative initiative that will be ongoing for multiple seasons in part of a 5 year plan.  Throughout the duration of the internship, the student will support the creation of a fundraising plan and implement tasks as defined by the Executive Director to support the overall goals of the internship and ongoing project. 




A minimum of 14-16 weeks, one semester or based on school curriculum criteria and availability




10-12 hours per week, some evenings and weekends may be required contingent upon meetings and events.




Haverhill YMCA, some travel may be required to other local YMCAs or businesses.  Reliable transportation required.




This internship is unpaid.




A Free YMCA membership for the duration of the internship and discounts on YNS programs and activities.


Questions regarding internships can be referred to or call 978-564-3463.

  1. Graduate Students attending College or University seeking experience in nonprofit management, community development, fundraising, business management or related field of study.

  2. A demonstrated interest in community collaborations and development of local services that support and advance the mission of the Y.

  3. All interns must complete and submit an application to be considered for a position with YNS.  

  4. Interns must work with hiring managers to submit and complete internship learning agreements submitted to the Director of Operations or Executive Director and HR Office.

  5. Interns may only participate in one internship paid or unpaid within the YNS organization at a time.  Requests for consecutive internships will be reviewed by the intern managers


The YMCA is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all employees and qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religious creed, protected genetic information, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, veteran's status, or sexual orientation.