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FL - Lakeland, FL

Quality Assurance Specialist


Our mission is to help people fulfill their passion to make a difference for others. Non-profit, faith-based, and political organizations depend on Qgiv to power their fundraising through our industry leading software and growing suite of products and services. We absolutely love the work our clients do and we’re looking for someone who can help them achieve their mission through the Quality Assurance Engineer role.


“What would you say you do here?”


As a member of the Product support team, you would provide additional support to our QA efforts to help us continue to create a top-notch user experience for our users. We currently run on 2-week development cycles, so you would work closely with our engineers and designers to maintain that schedule, keep bugs introduced into the system at a minimum, develop documentation, and help us optimize our shipping procedures. Detailed release notes would be created for each release (which we celebrate with food, by the way) to be sent internally and to our clients.


General knowledge or exposure to any of the following: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React, PHP, MySQL, and APIs, would be a bonus in identifying issues with new features. Some familiarity with unit testing and continuous integration through software like PHPUnit, Selenium, or Katalon would also be a nice to have to help us shape and streamline our processes. As we are currently very manual in our testing, there is a lot of opportunity for you to introduce and implement improvements to our overall QA process.


Though our platform is easy to use, there is a lot going on under-the-hood. To be successful, you will need to become a product expert in the first 60 days through in-house training, a little bit of experimenting, and asking lots of questions. You should be comfortable and resourceful in debugging code, troubleshooting across various browsers, and working in iOS and Android. Be okay with not knowing things, but striving to learn as much as possible.


What’s it like to work at Qgiv?


We are guided by our Core Values: introspection, empathy, persistence, openness, and passion. We work hard to meet deadlines and goals, but we also like to have fun. We eat cake every month to celebrate birthdays, and sharing a beer with colleagues is something you might see around the office. We strive to create a culture where individuals can grow personally and professionally, and maintain a work environment you actually look forward to every day. Most importantly, we know that at the end of the day our software helps make the world just a little bit better.



Substantial Goals


  1. Increase capacity for Product team by alleviating time spent in Triage, #devhelp, and QA
  2. Assist Product with technical and conceptual documentation and building automated test suites
  3. Work alongside our current QA Specialist to ensure on-time release cycles and thorough QA to help reduce bugs being introduced in the system
  4. Help optimize testing and shipping procedures




  1. There is a lot to learn; the overall platform is complicated and multi-faceted and you will need knowledge in a little bit of everything to be successful
  2. Technical documentation is very limited and will require active pursuit of system knowledge
  3. Current testing procedures are 95% manual vs. automated


Success Metrics and Action Plan


  1. Keep on-time releases at 100%
    1. Ensure that QA is completed in a timely manner and releases are ready for production by Friday afternoon the week of QA
  2. Lead Bug Hunts
    1. Develop test plans and organize bug hunt teams for major features
    2. Organize feedback and submit bug reports
  3. Find ways to improve and streamline the QA/release process Implement unit testing framework as part of standard development practice
    1. Update and implement on PHPCI integration and make it publicly accessible
    2. Develop framework that will show pass/fail for pull requests
    3. Assist with backfilling unit tests and come up with structure for engineers to use for implementing new unit tests
  4. Develop release notes for each push
    1. Work with a Product Content Specialist to create and update documentation
    2. Release notes should be created for both internal and external release
    3. Communicate changes for each release to the sales team

Location: Lakeland, Florida
Department: Development
Employment Type: Full-Time


Qgiv is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment opportunities at Qgiv are based upon one's qualifications and capabilities to perform the essential functions of a particular job.  All employment opportunities are provided without regard to race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.