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Maintenance Controller

Job Details

CO - Denver - Englewood, CO
$85,000.00 - $95,000.00 Salary
Up to 25%

Mayo Aviation is seeking a full-time Maintenance Controller, based at Centennial Airport in the beautiful Denver metropolitan area. The Mayo maintenance team is a group of wildly talented professionals that has a cohesive, fun and supportive culture.

If that sounds ideal, you might be a great fit for Mayo Aviation as a Maintenace Controller. The time you spend working matters, and you’ll be highly valued for it.

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Mayo Aviation is a national aircraft management, charter service, and maintenance provider. Since 1978, aircraft owners have trusted Mayo Aviation, a Priester Aviation company, to effectively manage their assets and aviation services with industry-leading transparency. Mayo Aviation and Flight for Life Colorado have enjoyed a long-standing relationship serving the people in the Rocky Mountain West for over 41 years. Mayo Aviation is focused on delivering exceptional ownership and travel experience for our clients.

Mayo recognizes that to deliver this experience, we need to build strong relationships with not only the aircraft owner, but also the support personnel including flight crew, maintenance, flight logistics, and others. Mayo Aviation’s pioneering approach to relationship building and transparency has been the foundation for long-term success. This success is seen in safe, efficient aircraft operations and a comfortable work environment.


What you can expect from us:

  • Generous base salary: Range $85,000 - $95,000
  • A supportive safety culture.
  • Ability to be a valued and cared-for team member who is more than a number and whose voice is heard.
  • Support for your Professional Development, career growth, and advancement.
  • Time to pursue your interests outside of aviation
  • Comprehensive benefits, including affordable medical, dental, & vision insurance within the first 30 days; Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, Dependent Care Account; 100% Company-paid Life, Short Term, and Long-Term Disability Insurance; 401K plan participation within the first 30 days 
  • Unlimited Time Off
  • Corporate Dash Pass; Free Rocket Lawyer Subscription; and more!


What we will expect from you:


  • May approve aircraft for return to service
  • Assist the DOM with maintaining, revising, and the control of the General Maintenance Manual (GMM), RVSM Manual, MEL Manual, NEF Program Manual and all other forms and documents pertaining to aircraft maintenance
  • Perform duties of the Director of Maintenance in their absence
  • Communications liaison between flight control and the maintenance department regarding aircraft availability
  • Accepts phone calls from flight crews reporting aircraft discrepancies
  • Approves aircraft discrepancies from flight crews and maintenance vendors
  • Manages the daily activities of maintenance for the aircraft
    • Reviewing the anticipated work schedule
    • Coordinating and aligning scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities into the daily schedule
    • Maintaining a general knowledge of all work being performed
    • Planning for long range work requirements in-house or at a vendor maintenance facility
  • Ensures all aircraft are maintained and returned to service in accordance with Company procedures and the GMM
  • Ensures compliance with applicable airworthiness directives and service bulletins
  • Maintains oversight of all aircraft maintenance facilities that perform work on Company aircraft, ensuring all company policies and procedures are adhered to
  • Assures all permanent aircraft maintenance records are being maintained as required by Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Reviews the qualifications of all contract maintenance personnel and ensures any additional training requirements are met
  • Submits required Mechanical Interruption Summary Reports as required and outlined in the company GMM
  • Determines when test flights are necessary for returning aircraft to service and arranges for the test flight through flight control
  • Coordinates maintenance away from home base with aircraft flight crews, flight control and the approved maintenance facility
  • Ensure all maintenance personnel, vendors, and contractors performing work on aircraft are covered by an FAA approved Anti-Drug/Alcohol Abuse Program
  • Performs vendor audits as required by the company GMM
  • Participates in the quarterly Continuous Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) meetings
  • Maintains currency with the Part 145 Repair Station technician and inspector training program

Job Qualifications:

  • Full understanding of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices
  • Full understanding of the Company’s Operations Specifications
  • Strong level of knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, including team building, coaching, and people development
  • Proven ability to set priorities, communicate objectives and meet deadlines
  • Strong presentation skills

Educational or Formal Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in aviation maintenance, Aviation Management or similar subject, or 3-5 years of equivalent work experience is required
  • Airframe and Powerplant certificate are required, Inspection Authorization is preferred
  • Must meet the recent experience required by 14 CFR 65.83

Knowledge and Other Requirements

  • At least one year of management experience is preferred
  • Previous experience in a Part 135 or Part 121 operation with passenger carrying capacity of 10 or more is preferred
  • Previous experience with CAMP or other computerized maintenance tracking program is preferred

Working Environment/Physical Activities

  • Working environment includes general office, areas of moving mechanical parts, equipment, and various chemicals
  • Loud shop equipment and jet engines which at times require hearing protection
  • May need to wear a filtration mask
  • Occasional periods of lifting, pushing, or pulling up to 25 pounds
  • Physical activity may require entering a confined space
  • Sitting for long periods of time at the computer


Note: This position is covered by the Drug Program and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program required by Federal Aviation Regulations.

Employees are held accountable for all duties of this job. This job description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job.