Senior BBS Manager
Job Details
BC1 - Carpinteria, CA

Service leads the customer experience, and delivering an exceptional experience requires a unified front across the entire company. The Sr. BEGA Business System Manager will provide leadership with a Lean/Six Sigma focus resulting in the deployment of proven CI methods, best practices, and tools resulting in measurable and sustained improvement within the related value streams. The deployment will follow the BEGA Business System compass and be focused primarily on Operational Excellence. The Sr. BBS Manager will also function as the champion of the BBS system within BEGA for all BEGA sites.

When taking on these responsibilities, it is important to consider BEGAs service purpose, which is to create meaningful and lasting connections. Our service purpose emphasizes how the organization should view and conduct itself and it expresses our desired impact on the lives of whoever we are trying to service. More simply put, it is the systematic reason behind how we make people feel. Everyone will always be celebrated for being on purpose, even if they temporarily find themselves off task.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Ability to function as a change agent and influence, both internal and external functional areas
  • Ability to integrate and apply solutions for quality performance and continual improvement, both breakthrough and systematic throughout the organization
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to lead and develop a vision and strategy for process improvement through lean/six sigma initiatives and gain active alignment support for that strategy by all organizational stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to attract, lead, coach, motivate, and develop others
  • Solid understanding of statistical concepts and methods to ensure appropriate application and analysis of data
  • Understanding, supporting, and leading the implementation of Best Practices, LEAN Manufacturing techniques and Six Sigma methodologies
  • Significant understanding of lean manufacturing principles
  • Strong time management, problem solving and project management skills
  • Practical and results oriented
  • Bachelor of Science in management or a technical field required
  • Greenbelt certification required as a minimum and Blackbelt strongly preferred (and must be obtained within 12 months of entering the role if not)
  • 10 + years of professional experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Demonstrated success in implementing Lean/Six Sigma concepts
  • Prior leadership experience in a manufacturing environment preferred

What youll do

  • Provide leadership through direct management to the Continuous Improvement team and the Quality department
  • Demonstrates a mindset and commitment to continuous improvement across the operation (i.e. defines improvement goals, establishes accountability through metrics, uses Lean/Six Sigma tools and techniques to continually improve processes and business results, and establishes a mindset within operations to document and control processes; promotes safety and housekeeping; uses facilitative leadership)
  • Acts as a liaison across the business segment with other functional areas
  • Acts as a Champion of the BEGA Business System (BBS) within BEGA
  • Accountable for the technical aspects of problem solving, systems implementation and validation for projects and services (e.g. Technical Quality or Continuous Improvement)
  • Provide leadership to indirect staff by leading, supporting, and coaching members ensuring continual development of competencies
  • Collaborate with other BEGA staff and organizations to enable success
  • Utilizes BEGA resources to conceive and implement lean continuous improvement projects
  • Stays abreast of current continuous improvement trends and methodologies
  • Supports other cross functional departments with expertise and workforce to the extent possible when process improvement is required

Performance Measurements

  • Best Practice Rollout progress
  • Focused Improvement projects progress
  • Feedback from Implementation Task Force Leaders and Consultants

Leadership Principles

Leadership - Able to develop and share insights and the aptitude to mobilize and inspire others to action. Leadership is about finding possibilities and developing people, utilizing their strengths, and shaping the future.

Coaching & Talent Development - Overseeing talent development programs and efforts; taking interest in the advancement of subordinates; having a high rate of success of previous subordinates in other functional areas or organizations.

Organizational Agility - Overcoming barriers; finding solutions; having a positive attitude; being able to solve problems; finding resources to address a challenge; responding to a lack of formal resources.

Position Dimensions

  • Direct reports include
    • CI Project Managers
    • Industrial Engineers / Manufacturing Engineers
    • Quality Manager

BEGA North America is a world renowned manufacturer of architectural lighting solutions.

Illuminating What Matters:

A guiding light for elevating our thinking beyond day-to-day activity in a clear and memorable way, BEGA North Americas vision intentionally possesses more than one meaning. Naturally, as an architectural lighting company, to illuminate a surface or an object makes perfect sense. Theres a deeper meaning, however. To illuminate can also mean to make lucid or clear, or to shed light on an important concept or idea. Whether its for our industry, our community, or our family, we want to matter to people who want to matter to us. And most importantly, to illuminate can also mean to enlighten, as with knowledge. We invest heavily in our people, and believe this simple idea is why they ultimately choose BEGA for a lifetime, because were focused on illuminating what matters to them.

Who we are

Intended to articulate the organizations culture and used as a tool to govern behavior and shape critical decision making throughout the enterprise, BEGA has established three core values.

  1. Quality We have an unwavering commitment to Quality above all in our people, products, partners and processes.
  2. Family We are a diverse Family of passionate and self-driven individuals who act with integrity, fairness and respect, that hold one another accountable to the highest standards, and collectively promote work-life balance.
  3. Growth We embrace perpetual Growth and development, continuous learning and constant improvement, enabling the brand, the organization, and the individual to realize their full potential.

What we believe in

Respect we treat everyone with respect by being polite and kind.

Integrity we act with integrity by being honest and following our moral and ethical convictions. Ownership we possess an attitude of ownership and a mentality that desires us all to thrive.

Accountability we lead by example, always accountable for doing what we agreed we would do.

Diversity & Inclusion we promote creating a culture of inclusive and diversity in order to achieve a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully with equal access to opportunities and resources.

BEGA North America
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