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Assistant Funeral Director

Job Details

$18.00 - $19.00 Hourly


THE POSITION: Assistant Funeral Directors are responsible for assisting with all funeral home duties as required. Duties include meeting the general public, answering questions, providing information as instructed by the Funeral Director with the goal to meet or exceed customer expectations. This ministry position is focused on working with the families for the preparation and burial of the Churchs beloved dead. Because of the Judaic reverence for the body of the deceased, separate spaces were set aside in the sacred ground for interment. The Archdioceses ministry of bereavement embraces the reality of the human person as an embodied spirit. This embodiment is sacred, for it locates the human spirit in history and in a sacred place. The Assistant Funeral Director serves as a symbol of the extended community of the Church, a community unbroken by death, and, by the sacrament of the Eucharist, celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord which offers to us the promise of eternal life. Mt. Olivet and St. Simeon Cemeteries and the Mortuary were established as instruments of this sacred ministry.



  • Assist Funeral Director with all duties as required.
  • Prepare any documents related to services, cremations, maintenance, etc.
  • Office duties such as using the computer, multiline phone system, typewriter, postage meter and scale and stereo/video system and video streaming as required.
  • Conduct errands which may include floral delivery, picking up of supplies, delivery of flowers, caskets, documents, etc.
  • Usher people, conduct funeral services, park cars, and fulfill any transportation needs as required by the Funeral Director.
  • Drive Funeral Home vehicles for services and transportation of families for services.
  • Answering phones and general housekeeping duties.
  • Ensuring refreshments are available.
  • Any other duties as required by supervisor.


  • High school graduate or equivalent and relevant work experience.
  • Valid drivers license.





  • Have a positive and supportive attitude toward the Catholic Church, her teachings, and her work.
  • Refrain from public promotion or approval of any conduct or lifestyle that would reflect discredit or disgrace on, or cause scandal in relationship to, the Archdiocese of Denver, or considered to be in contradiction with Catholic doctrine or morals.
  • Must hold current valid Colorado drivers license to perform duties, drive a car(s) hearse or limousine.
  • Previous customer service and/or sales experience helpful.
  • Require knowledge of computers and some software.
  • Above average communication skills, both written and verbal and always show compassion and empathy to all those they serve in the execution of their job duties.
  • High level of compassion and integrity.
  • Must possess problem solving skills.
  • Must have the ability to multi-task and set priorities as appropriate.
  • Must be detail oriented and perform duties in a timely and accurate manner.

~ Must be professional and a team player.


  • The job frequently requires lifting; carrying, pushing or pulling objects weighing more than 50 lbs. without the assistance of mobile, powered equipment or co-workers.
  • Daily, the work involves intermediate periods of non-interrupted mental/sensory concentration (i.e., usually in excess of one (1) hour at a time, occasionally for several hours).
  • Some of these duties may involve work done on weekends, evening, nighttime and holidays. At times, some duties may require work outside in the cold weather or hot weather.