Licensed Practical Nurse - Integrated Treatment
Job Details
GRAND Addiction Recovery Center - Tulsa, OK
Full Time

Medically Supervised Detox Program

1.  Receives report on each patient admitted to the Medically Supervised Detox Program; processes Physician Orders; and establishes a Medication Administration Record (MAR) for each patient according to his/her assigned Detox Protocol and non-protocol medications approved by the Medical Director or his designee.

2.  Performs initial assessment of new Detox patients and enters all assessment information in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR); places appropriate information on the dry-erase board in Nursing Station as a general method of communication between employees and shifts.  Administers TB skin test at time of admission to unit.

3.  Administers Detox Protocol medications to each Detox patient according to their designated Protocol; administers non-protocol medications approved by the Medical Director or his designee.

4.  Provides ongoing assessment of Detox patients for:  (1) significant signs and symptoms of substance withdrawal, and (2) side effects of medications administered.

a.  Administers prn medications for signs and symptoms of withdrawal

b.  Notifies physician of any significant signs and symptoms of withdrawal; receives, documents, notes, and implements new orders or changes in the patient’s individual medication protocol.

c.  If patient displays medication side effects, withhold medication temporarily; if side effects are significant, notify physician and receive, document, note and implement any orders received.

5.  Implements patient care plans; evaluates effectiveness of interventions; alters interventions as necessary.

6.  Documents information pertinent to the patient’s condition and care, in the EMR.

7.  Oversees performance, and works in concert, with CNA’s each shift to ensure each patient is adequately monitored for early detection of any deterioration in medical condition.

8.  Establishes communication and trust with each Detox patient, and assists them in exploring their desire to seek ongoing care in the Residential Treatment Program

9.  Collaborates with Case Managers regarding each Detox patient’s appropriate level of care after completion of Detox program.


Residential Treatment Program

1.  Transcribes admissions medications, or new medications, on Treatment MARS for individual Treatment patients.

2.  Administers the group of medications to Treatment Clients that Medication Techs are not allowed to administer (Insulin, et. al.); documents administration of such in Treatment Clients MARs.  Monitors patients for side effects of any and all medications that are administered.


All Units

1.  Responds to medical emergencies within the facility; provides assessment, first aid, basic nursing care, or BLS as needed; determines if patient requires care beyond the scope of the facility, summons EMS transport if necessary; provides necessary information and paperwork to EMS staff to accompany patient to hospital emergency department.  Evaluates each patient upon return to determine their appropriateness for continued stay, and to coordinate necessary follow-up medical treatment if patient remains at facility.

2.  Responds to non-emergency medical needs of patients in the facility who are ill or sustain minor injuries; determines medical needs; refers patients to medical clinics, and other, if needs are beyond the scope of the facility; evaluates each patient upon return to determine their appropriateness for continued stay, and to coordinate necessary medical treatment if patient remains at facility.

3.  Refers patients to Dual Clinic based on assessment of need.


  • This position requires exposure to sharps
  • The nurse may work with patients who may be dangerous

Education and Experience:

The position requires completion of a twelve-month accredited LPN program, and current licensure as an LPN in the State of Oklahoma.

No previous experience is required, however, previous experience in a chemical dependency setting is preferred.


Knowledge and Skills:

This position requires knowledge of basic professional nursing assessment, interventions, medications, medication administration, basic medical procedures, emergency Basic Life Support, aseptic and sterile techniques, personal hygiene, nutritional and diet therapy.


The LPN must possess ability to plan, organize, and implement nursing care in an alcohol and drug detoxification and Treatment setting; ability to follow oral and written instructions; Skill in exercising judgment, initiative, setting priorities, and self-control.  Must understand alcohol and drug dependence as a medical disorder, and provide compassionate care.


Access to Confidential Data:

The position has access to patients, patient information and records for which LPN is responsible for maintaining confidentiality.  


Physical Requirements:

The position requires the LPN to sit, stand, and walk about in the performance of job duties.  The nurse is required to lift up to 40 pounds, carry, push, and pull equipment and supplies.  Functioning of the senses (hearing, sight and touch) must be adequate for the performance of job tasks.


NOTE:  This position is classified as “Safety Sensitive”.  Safety Sensitive positions include tasks or duties that could affect the health and safety of the employee performing tasks or others.  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive.  Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the needs of the organization