Certified Nursing Assistant - Detox
Job Details
GRAND Addiction Recovery Center - Tulsa, OK
Full Time


1.  Monitor Detox patients for complications of withdrawal every 30 minutes or as indicated by condition or physician’s orders (complications include but are not limited to:  seizures, delirium tremens, severe tremors, hallucinations, disorientation, confusion, severe anxiety, GI bleeding, severe hypertension, dehydration, unstable ambulation, and other)          

2.  Provide frequent monitoring of high-risk patients, every 15 minutes or as otherwise indicated or instructed by nursing staff.

3.  Provide ongoing observation of patients in day room, to identify behavioral issues or sudden complications of withdrawal that may develop.

4.  Obtain vital signs every six hours, or as instructed by the nursing staff; recheck abnormal vital signs according to severity or as instructed by nursing staff.

5.  Promptly report emergent conditions or complications to the nursing staff.

6.  Monitor and ensure adequate nutritional intake of Detox patients; wake sleeping patients for meals, assist to table, encourage adequate food and fluid intake, report poor food or fluid intake to nursing staff, restock food, snacks, beverages.

7.  Document all observations in observation records, vital signs, food/fluid intake, and other on standard forms.

8.  Admit patients to Detox unit as per procedure and protocol for CNA duties (complete electronic medical record information, search patient, clothing, property, and luggage for contraband).

9.  Orient Detox patient to unit, rules, and guidelines upon admission; reinforce as indicated.

10.  Provide scrubs for Detox patients, escort to room, assist with clothing change if needed.

11.  Prompt, gather, and assist patients to Dual Clinic appointments with Dr. Martin, in Exam Room on unit (make list of patients each morning for Dr. Martin.  Change paper on Exam Table after each patient and prepare room for next patient)

12.  Assist patients with bathing, cleaning, and redressing after vomiting or incontinence if in need of assistance.

13.  Assist Detox patients with evacuation of building during emergency situations.  


Education and Experience:

Must have a High School degree or equivalent, a CNA license and one (1) to three (3) years’ experience as a CNA.

Knowledge and Skills:

The employee must demonstrate the ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal; and be able to exhibit knowledge of and experience with general medical care issues and appropriate treatments. 

Good organizational skills along with computer skills.  The employee must also possess effective oral and written communication skills.

Access to Confidential Data:  The CNA has frequent access to patient records and is responsible for maintaining confidentiality.

Physical Requirements:

This position requires the CNA to sit, stand or walk about in performance of job duties.  The CNA lifts, carries, pushes, pulls, etc. patients, equipment and supplies.  Functioning of senses (hearing, sight, and touch) must be adequate for the performance of job tasks.  May occasionally work in a difficult or strained position.

NOTE:  This position is classified as “Safety Sensitive”.  Safety Sensitive positions include tasks or duties that could affect the health and safety of the employee performing tasks or others.  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive.  Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the needs of the organization