Medication Technician - Integrated Treatment
Job Details
GRAND Addiction Recovery Center - Tulsa, OK
Full Time


  1. Administers prescribed medications to Treatment Clients, verifying each client’s identity, the name of each medication, the correct dosage of each medication, route of administration, and time of administration.
  2. Observes ingestion of medication by each Client to ensure each Client is taking medications as prescribed to them or according to the designated Detoxification protocol.
  3. Records each medication taken by each client on the proper Medication Sheet.
  4. Monitors each client for side effects of medications administered.
  5. Reports medication side effects to Nurse on Duty; gathers and documents any necessary information related to side effects (such as vital signs). 
  6. Receives report from outgoing Med Tech at end of shift, provides verbal report to oncoming staff.
  7. Compiles and maintains accurate Client Medication Book:  Receives Medication Sheets completed by the unit LPN for each medication administered to each client; files Medication Sheets in the Client Medication Book under the correct tab for each client.
  8. Receives each prescribed medications for each patient; reconciles medications received with those in the Client Medication Book, ensuring the correct medication, correct Client, correct dosage, route, frequency and number of caplets or tablets.
  9. Obtains and records vital signs of Clients upon the request from the Nurse on Duty, during shift.
  10. Reorders each Client’s prescribed medications in a timely manner to maintain medication intake without interruption; reorders and restocks floor-stock medications in a timely manner to prevent interruption of medication intake.
  11. Reorders supplies, reorders printing of Medication Log sheets and other forms as needed to maintain efficient medication administration throughout the Treatment area.
  12. Performs daily and weekly duties as listed and posted in Medication Rooms.
  13. Maintains confidentiality of Clients and Client records.
  14. Performs all other duties as required.

Education and Experience:

1.    High School Diploma or equivalent

2.    MAT or CMA Certification

3.    Two years employment as MAT or CMA preferred

Physical Requirements:

1.    Ability to lift or push 50 pounds

2.    Ability to negotiate stairs

Access to Confidential Data:

The position has access to patients, patient information and records for which the Medication Technician is responsible for maintaining confidentiality.  

Physical Requirements:

The position requires the Medication Technician to sit, stand, and walk about in the performance of job duties.  The nurse is required to lift up to 50 pounds, carry, push, and pull equipment and supplies.  Functioning of the senses (hearing, sight and touch) must be adequate for the performance of job tasks.


This position requires exposure to sharps

The Med Tech may work with patients who may be dangerous

NOTE:  This position is classified as “Safety Sensitive”.  Safety Sensitive positions include tasks or duties that could affect the health and safety of the employee performing tasks or others.  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive.  Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the needs of the organization