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Airport Planner

Job Details

Birmingham Airport Authority - Birmingham, AL
$60,261.00 - $90,394.00


Develops and recommends short and long-term plans for the Birmingham Airport Authority by conducting major technical research, executing major projects, analyzing, and presenting data, coordinating with governmental representatives, neighborhood organizations, consultants, and staff members.

Essential Functions

Supports the Authority in attaining its short and long-term goals by assisting in the preparation, updating, and monitoring of the Five (5) Year Plan and Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP)

Manages and coordinates the activities of Planning Consultants by preparing RFQ's and RFP's, administering planning contracts, and by reviewing, inspecting, and commenting on planning documents and drawings submitted by Planning Consultants

Serves as project manager for contracts and projects related to planning and design

Assists in negotiating and developing Scope of Work for contracts related to planning and design

Provides on-site oversight at construction projects when necessary

Secures monies for Authority sponsored capital projects by assisting in the preparation of pre-applications and applications for FAA funding and participation

Coordinates and administers FAA Capital Grant Projects by compiling, maintaining, and submitting required documents and by ensuring that they conform to established schedules and budget requirements

Works closely with other BAA departments to ensure project designs and final deliverables are in compliance with FAA Design Standards and other industry best practices

Ensures that the BAA's positions are communicated and addressed by local, state, and federal agencies by coordinating and directing information flow

Review FAA Orders, Advisory Circulars, and other industry guidance to ensure staff and consultants are utilizing the most recent aviation literature and are abreast of current industry guidelines

Maintain electronic Airport Layout Plan, Airport Property Map, Signage and Marking Plan, and database of Airport Noise Land


Manage spatial data resources including aerial photography and as-built drawings, ensure continuity with GIS application, and monitor FAA Airport GIS Program

Implement Noise Land Redevelopment Plan elements including the evaluation of properties needed for disposal, development, of navigational easements, and tracking of federal funds

Develop construction notices and convey operational impacts to FAA partners, airfield tenants, staff, and contractors

Create conceptual designs and exhibits for airport related facilities and supporting documents including alternatives analysis, calculations, and summary of issues for other staff, departments, board members, public, etcetera

Work with airfield tenants, developers, and contractors to comply with the FAA determination of no hazard requirements for on and off airport aeronautical case studies and airspace analysis

Work closely with Finance and Properties Department’s to review lease issues and compliance as well as supplemental exhibits detailing space requirements

Responsible for the analysis, management, and presentation of obstruction studies, aeronautical surfaces and surveys, and design of removal efforts

Participate in the interview process for staff in various departments

Analyze existing facility for design standard compliance and review published aeronautical information for accuracy

Serve as a technical expert on the airport’s airspace surfaces (such as FAR Part 77, Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS), One-Engine Inoperative (OEI) and other critical navigational surfaces

Determine feasibility of special operations relating to weight bearing capacity, wingtip clearances, aircraft parking requirements, surface penetration, etcetera

Attend meetings, conferences, and specialized training sessions as required

Performs other related duties as needed and as directed



Four-year college/university degree required. Preference in planning, airport/aviation management, engineering, architecture, Urban Planning, geography/GIS, mathematics, or closely related field

Proven knowledge and application of aviation skills including understanding of FAA guidelines and requirements for airport planning and geometry

Three (3) years professional experience in planning in the aviation industry preferred

Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented and ability to compile, analyze, and evaluate data

Excellent verbal, interpersonal, and written communication skills



This is not a supervisory position.



Ability to handle multiple tasks and to work as a team member

Experience with GIS, AutoCAD, and/or graphic design software

Strong research skills related to aviation, planning, and environmental topics



The work environment is indoors and outdoors.  Exposure to environmental conditions to include all weather conditions i.e., hot, and cold temperatures, humid, wet conditions, traffic, bright/dim light, fumes/noxious odors, dusts, and pollen.



The position does not require the use of protective clothing and equipment.