Adjunct Faculty - College of Chiropractic
Job Details
Chesterfield MO - Chesterfield, MO
Part Time
Graduate Degree


Job Summary: Responsible for classroom teaching, small group teaching, and/or other duties as assigned by the College of Chiropractic of Logan University.


• Deliver appropriate instructional materials for the assigned course(s).

• Employ evaluation instruments for the assessment of student learning and practical skills for the assigned course(s).

• Assess students objectively and provide timely feedback on student performance.

• To teach and/or facilitate learning inthe assigned learning environment, whichmay include lecture, small group, laboratory or clinic internship.

• To serve as a model of professionalism to students, and colleagues, as evidenced by exemplary conduct, dialogue and decorum consistent with Logan University's mission and values.

• To record students' progress through the use of the University's electronic course management and assessment systems.

• To comply with other administrative and reporting directives as assigned.

• To participate with the Assistant Deans in maintaining and advancing curriculum content for the assigned course(s) and the Doctor of Chiropractic program.





• Appropriate first professional degree for respective, field of instruction

Appropriate first professional degree or technical certificate for clinical classes and clinic supervision

• Missouri license to practice, or eligible for licensure, as appropriate.


• Experience in higher education teaching in the area assigned

• Evidence of a commitment to continuing education and commitment to Logan University's mission and values.

• Three years of teaching or chiropractic practice experience

• Demonstration of service to the community

• Participation in professional organizations

• Flexibility in scheduling to accommodate the needs of the University

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