Solar Performance Analyst
Job Details
Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton, MA
Customer Service

The Solar Performance Analyst reports directly to the SVP of Customer Service and serves as a liaison between
customers and the Solect Service Team. A successful candidate will bring the highest level of organizational and
communication skills to the table every day while they advocate for both the customer and the company. This customer
facing position has a combination of both tactical responsibilities managing over 600 solar systems in the service portfolio
as well as strategic responsibilities helping to improve the efficiency of operations as well as improve our systems to scale
our business.
The Solar Performance Analyst takes ownership of doing whats right for Solect, and the customer - proactively
advocating for the maintenance needs to keep systems performing at optimal levels to ensure our customers receive the
maximum ROI from their solar investment.
This position is an integral member of the Customer Service team. This is a full-time position out of our Hopkinton, MA
office. The ideal candidate will be driven, independent, organized and able to multitask while having the ability to stay
cool under pressure.
A successful candidate will have a passion for the solar industry and the desire to help propel a fast-growing solar service
business to higher levels. This role will be part of a team of dedicated professionals that work tirelessly to maximize the
production of clean energy for our clients and our world.

Day to Day Responsibilities
Review the daily system portfolio reports and monitoring dashboards to identify system issues
that require attention. Work with team members to determine the best course of action and
establish a Case/Work Order in Salesforce Service Lightning for remediation.
Conduct deep dive monitoring of systems that are not meeting performance expectations.
Recommend the prioritization of Cases to be scheduled based on the severity of the issue.
Communicate to field technicians their schedules for the day and to ensure they understand the
objective of the visit.
Document in the service system repairs and associated costs for invoice generation based on
feedback from the technician.
Everyday responsibilities also include case management, customer communications, resource
coordination, customer advocacy, process optimization and more.
Youre the primary point of contact between Solect and the customer.
They contacted you to...
discuss their concerns about something they think isnt working properly
ask you to file a Schedule Z with the utility
discuss a special project that requires attention to their solar array
You contacted them to...
let them know about an upcoming technician visit
get authorization to complete work at their site
clarify a billing question
help them understand their utility bill

Material availability...
Technician availability...
Site access availability...
They all need to be aligned in order for our technicians to work efficiently and minimize

Advocate for the company by explaining to our customers why our technicians did what
they did, explaining how we provide value or many other situations
Ensure appropriate action is taken to resolve customer issues and concerns - work with
other team members to assess a wide range of customer issues, to help gain consensus
on how we deploy our resources.

Maintain meticulous records including customer communications in order to provide
superb customer service.
Facilitate the billing process. Most of the information will come to you. You just need to
organize it, add it up and send it to finance.

Other Responsibilities:
Net Metering Schedule Z support,
Assist in Monthly Business Metric Reviews with the team.

Strong communications skills (written and oral)
Analytical Problem Solving skills
Customer Relations
Strong team player
Desired Skills & Experience
2-4 years experience in the Solar Industry
DAS experience
Strong computer skills
Salesforce experience a plus
O&M experience a plus
Associates Degree or Higher