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Foster Care and Adoption Supervisor

Job Details

Chicago - Chicago, IL
Full Time
Business Hours and Some Evening / Weeken
Nonprofit - Social Services


Supervises a team of Child Welfare Specialists (CWS) per DCFS-Contract ratio (typically 1:5) for the Foster Care team. Provides clinical oversight and supervisory decision-making for assessment, treatment planning, case management, and court advocacy.


The list of essential duties and responsibilities, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the task to be performed. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein is such duties are a logical assignment to the position.
1.Responsible for ongoing case management supervision of Child Welfare Specialists(CWS) for the Foster Care and Adoption Program aligned with DCFS policies andprocedure.
2.Responsible for hiring, promoting, training, discharging, and evaluating team of ChildWelfare Specialists.
3.Ensures provision of trauma-informed staff training and services aligned with theprogram’s approved intervention models, such as Attachment, Regulation, Competency(ARC), NCI and the likes.
4. Prepares well-written and timely case documentation (i.e., Supervision Notes, Critical Decisions, etc.) on a minimum of a monthly basis, in addition to evaluating and approving CWS written documentation as required by LCF and DCFS.
5. Conducts at a minimum of once monthly staffing with the CWS team(s); participates in internal and external multidisciplinary and Child and Family Team                   Meetings (CFTM),clinical, supervisory, department and all staff meetings as set forth by the program, policy and/or regarding the demands of the case.
6. Ensures LCF and DCFS policies and procedures are implemented by case management team to promote best practice and positive well-being and                           permanency outcomes for youth.
7. Liaises with DCFS, including Agencies and Performance Team (APT), on a monthly basis to review cases and program compliance with DCFS Regulations.
8. Attend court hearings, Administrative Case Reviews, CIPPs, Clinical Staffing’s, and other DCFS or community meetings in order to support the case                       management team and promote the safety, well-being and permanency of youth in our care.
9. Participate in a minimum of bi-weekly supervision with supervisees to monitor compliance with policies and procedures; job responsibilities; and promote the           wellbeing,safety and permanency of the youth in our program.
10. Attend DCFS, LCF and other trainings as required by applicable licensure(s) and your job responsibilities. CPR/First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, and NCI              must be updated annually.
11. Train staff, foster parents, volunteers, and/or interns on an as needed basis.
12. Promote program compliance and best practice by contributing to the Foster Care and Adoption Program New Employee Manual, On-Call Binder, Foster                 Parent Implementation Plan, Adoption Manual and the likes.
13. Manages workflow of the case management team including case assignments in line with DCFS policies and procedures and weighted case assignment                 requirements.
14. Assures that the team members function in a professional and ethical manner and that such services operate in compliance with licensing regulations and                applicable laws, including protecting the confidentiality of all people served by the agency.
15. Provides 24 hour on-call coverage for crisis intervention on a rotating basis with other supervisors. Teams to develop and update the on-call schedule on                   behalf of the program at a minimum of quarterly.
16. Works cooperatively with other managers in program on the development and monitoring of strategic plans and goals.
17. Engages in continuous quality improvement (CQI), including compliance with DCFS Dashboard, CARF tracking measures, APT reports, monthly CQI tracking          reports for medical and case file documentation collection, and internal CQI outcome measurements. Meet program outcomes and benchmarks as mutually            established each fiscal year and reviewed in supervision on a minimum of a quarterly basis. Monitors case record and file compliance on a monthly basis.                Ensures records are maintained according to agency performance and are accurate and complete. Monitor and aid in quality assurance via ensuring                        compliance by CWS supervisees, documenting QA efforts in monthly supervision notes, and aiding in filing and/or utilization reviews as required
       by the program.
18. Represents the agency in a positive manner in the community and interacts cooperatively and constructively with agency staff.
19. Maintains responsibility for making major case decisions, including decisions relating to placement, permanency plan, services and discharge from care.                  Documents criticaldecisions in SACWIS.
20. Member of the agency’s management team. As such, regularly teams with program’s recruitment/intake; foster care team members; and clinical team                       members for the monitoring and development of program procedures; to monitor the safety of youth placed in agency-licensed foster homes; and the likes.
21. Responsible for all safety activities in your workplace and immediately report all accidents and safety hazards to your supervisor.
22. Attends DCFS and community meetings as relevant to the position and the foster care program.
23. Ensures permanency is achieved for all minors served within the program via Reunification, Guardianship or Adoption, ensures compliance with DCFS policies        andprocedures.
24. Ensures Transitions to Adulthood go smoothly and follow the protocol set forth by DCFSTransiions Unit, DHS, etc.
25. Engage in Transition Staffing’s for new intakes, including residential step-downs.
26. Assume case management responsibilities on an as needed basis.
27. Promote staff development through team building activities, outings, retreats, and
28. Promote program satisfaction through engagement in foster parent satisfaction surveys on an annual basis; a minimum of quarterly check-ins and                            communication with foster parents through CFTMs; sporadic written, e-correspondence, and phone calls with foster parents to assess program satisfaction;            and engagement in the Foster Parent Implementation plan development.
29. As a mandated reporter, supervisor will report all incidents of abuse and neglect immediately and encourage said practice in their CWS team. All reports to the        Hotline will be documented via significant event report.
30. Report all licensing violations and/or concerns on behalf of the case management team to the licensing team within 24 hours and engage in any needed                  follow-  up actions to correct any violations that may include monitoring of the home, internal meetings, etc.
31. Engages in internal staffing to proactively stabilize placements at-risk for disruption or to manage crisis situations such as Joint Supervision, placement                     disruption staffing and the likes.
32. Creates monthly reports as required by supervisor or DCFS in order to monitor program compliance with DCFS and LCF policies and procedures.
33. All other duties as assigned by supervisor.



A Master’s degree in social work or other human services related field required. CWEL and CERAP certifications required. In addition, two years of relevant experience in child welfare and/or human services required, including knowledge of issues surrounding children with intellectual, and developmental disabilities, autism, and emotional/behavioral disorders. At least two years administrative and/or supervisory experience preferred. Familiarity with DCFS rules and procedures and the juvenile court system preferred.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is subject to sitting, walking, and standing for prolonged periods; frequently grasps, lifts, holds, or feels objects; occasionally stoops, kneels, crouches, or crawls. The employee frequently is required to use manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination when working with persons served and handling office, medical, or household equipment. The employee is subject to assist and lift up to 30 pounds with varying amounts of assistance on a reoccurring basis. The employee is required to have corrected vision and hearing within normal range and the ability to operate a motor vehicle. Must have the ability to perform CPR and CPI. Generally, no occupational exposure to blood, body fluids, communicable diseases or other potentially infectious substances, but may require performing unplanned Category III tasks (Category II). Typical office environment. The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to perform successfully the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential

Disclaimer: The intent of this job description is to provide a representative level of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.