Occupational Therapist
Job Details
BWH-Bournewood Hospital Brookline - Brookline, MA
Masters Degree

Occupational Therapist

Duties:  Occupational therapy evaluations, planning, organizing and implementing appropriate group interventions consistent with individual and group needs on inpatient units for adult acute psychiatric treatment, substance use disorder treatment and adolescent acute care.

Bournewood Health Systems is a behavioral health organization with a main campus in Brookline, MA and various satellite sites in Woburn, Lowell, and Dedham. We are dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based and person-centered treatment for people with mental health and substance use conditions in a safe and respectful environment in partnership with the individuals and families we serve, focusing on support, hope and recovery. We are committed to a philosophy and an environment of care in which we treat people with dignity, respect and mutuality; protect their rights; provide the best care possible; support them in returning to their natural communities; and include patients and families as partners in their treatment. We stand firmly for providing a safe and therapeutic environment for patients, families and staff. All Bournewood employees are continuously trained in this philosophy. All candidates must be able and willing to promote the values of trauma-informed and patient-centered care.

Salary: negotiable

Start Date: June 23

Openings: full time day, evening and alternating weekends

Qualifications: Must be a graduate from an accredited Masters Level OT program, preferably with certification and licensure, or license eligible.  Prefer at least 1 year of experience working on an inpatient psychiatric and/or substance use disorder treatment program, but excellent communication skills and a consistently positive attitude are the most important qualities for our successful candidate. We are looking for someone who is easygoing and gets along well with others. Must be mature, resourceful, and professional and have the ability to work independently as part of a collaborative and supportive team. This setting requires a confident, flexible, creative therapist who is willing to use a variety of modalities to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the short-term inpatient population.

Location: Brookline, MA


Job Description

Essential Functions: 

  • To provide individual Occupational Therapy evaluations for patients as needed.
  • To provide recommendations for treatment team members on inpatient units regarding potential needs for specialized rehab services
  • Make recommendations to Social Worker or Discharge Planner regarding special needs to be taken into consideration when planning patients’ aftercare.
  • Develops and conducts group programs
  • Documents pertinent clinical data following groups
  • Reviews multi-disciplinary treatment plan and identifies Rehab-based treatment goals and interventions
  • Assists as necessary for projects, reports, and other duties as assigned by manager
  • Participates in hospital “code” system as needed
  • Participates in maintaining inventory of supplies
  • Maintains Sensory Rooms/De-escalation spaces on units where applicable and trains staff and patients in the use of sensory modulation techniques as an adjunct to treatment


Essential Competencies:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Effective group facilitation skills                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Knowledge of psychiatric disorders and their effects on functional capacity
  • Knowledge of therapeutic use of multimedia, including sensory modulation and integration, to support stabilization and rehabilitation
  • Understanding of age, socioeconomic, and cultural factors affecting patients’ interest and ability to participate in rehabilitation programs 
  • Ability to effectively redirect clients and set clear, timely limits on inappropriate behavior.
  • Knowledge of biological and socio-cultural dimensions influencing chemical dependency
  • Knowledge of DMH/JCAHO/CMS regulations and standards and Human Rights
  • Is competent in delivering patient care that is trauma informed and patient centered. As indicated by:
    • Provides care that is kind, collaborative and compassionate.
    • Able to defuse power struggles and doesn’t need “to win”.
    • Appropriate assessment of clients for a history of trauma
    • Recognize/assess a range of trauma-related behaviors
    • Implement trauma-sensitive interventions with people served



Minimum Qualifications: 

  • MASTER’S degree or higher in Occupational Therapy
  • Licensed, certified and/or registered with nationally accepted professional association


Physical Criteria:

  • Must be able to walk up and down stairs
  • Must be able to use telephone, computer
  • Must be able to carry supplies necessary for facilitating group and individual consult work


Reports to:     Rehabilitation Services Manager

                        Program Coordinators and other Nurse Managers, as applicable


Supervises: OTA / COTA and/or OT students