FP&A Analyst | Oxford, CT
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KVNY - Van Nuys, CA
Full Time
4 Year Degree

The position is based at our Oxford, CT facilities


Position Summary


The FP&A Analyst (Remote Base) is a multi-faceted role that supports the Remote Base Leader in two primary capacities and one secondary capacity: Primary Capacities include (1) Managed Aircraft Sales Analysis and Support and (2) Managed Aircraft Financial Planning and Analysis, and Secondary Capacities include (1) Corporate Financial Analysis.


The position is responsible and accountable for aspects of financial planning, billing, reporting, and analysis to the Remote Base as well as the same for all assigned or prospective CLA managed aircraft customers and CLASS customers which belong to the Remote Base. This position is the face of CLA’s Aircraft Management Finance team and the overall Analyst arm of the Company for the Remote Base.


All applicants must submit to a pre-employment drug screen and background check.


Primary Performance Objectives

To achieve the mission for this position, one must produce the following actions and results:

Managed Aircraft Sales Analysis and Support

  1. Pro-Forma Annual Operating Budgets – Maintain and assist the Remote Base Sales Team in generating and presenting pro-forma operating budgets
  2. Ad Hoc Analysis – Assist the Remote Base Sales Team in generating additional reporting or financial analysis required as a part of the new business sales process.

Managed Aircraft Financial Planning and Analysis

  1. New Customer Onboarding – Work with Aircraft Management Sales to create a clean transition for the customer from Aircraft Management Sales Team to Financial Planning & Reporting Team
    1. At the time of formal client engagement, plan introduction and formal touch point with the customer and discuss customer’s reporting expectation, wants, and needs. Ensure proper introductions are made and relationship is seamlessly handed off from Aircraft Management Sales
    2. With the assistance of the Aircraft Manager, ensure that the New Aircraft Reporting List is completed and adheres to CLA’s Reporting Guidelines
  2. Annual Managed Aircraft Operating Budget Process – Enhance current process by which CLA creates annual aircraft operating budgets for each customer
    1. These are to be created by the Analyst and reviewed with the Director, Aircraft FP&A as well as with each Assigned Aircraft Manager to be presented to the different levels of ownership on each account
    2. As an Analyst, you will play an active role in this engagement, and it is the annual setting of the aircraft’s financial expectations with the ownership group, based upon projected usage, expenses, and when applicable, charter revenues
    3. You will be the accountable and responsible individual for speaking to the financial reporting throughout the year for the respective airplane, against the annual pro-rated budget and be able to speak to any and all positive and negative variances
  3. Standardized Monthly Customer Reporting & Deliverables – Provide customers with and be the face to speak to all Standard Reporting & Deliverables
    1. Ensure Standard Monthly Deliverables are being provided fleetwide.  Standard Monthly Deliverables include:
      1. Monthly Management Summary (Automated)
      2. YTD Profit & Loss Statement (Automated)
      3. Account Balance Summary (Pathway to Automation)
      4. Monthly Aircraft KPI & Analysis Summary (TBD)
    2. Ensure consistent touchpoint with customers monthly, thus strengthening the relationship and building rapport.
  4. Ad Hoc Monthly & Quarterly Analysis – Utilize Clay Lacy’s newly implemented Ad Hoc Analysis Templates & Reporting Deliverables (Part of an ongoing Value-Add Initiative)
    1. Create, Implement, and Enhance Newly Defined Reporting Deliverables.  These include but are not limited to:
      1. Owner Aircraft Summary Dashboard (Part 91 & Part 135)
      2. Direct Operating Cost Analysis (Part 91 & Part 135)
      3. Charter Revenue and Contribution Margin Analysis (Part 135 – as applicable)
        1. Net Impact of Charter Analysis (Part 135 - as applicable)
      4. Clay Lacy Cost Savings Summary (Part 91 & Part 135)
      5. Aircraft P/L Analysis Templates – Revenue & Expense
        1. Fuel Analysis, Owner Trip Expense Analysis, Maintenance Analysis, etc.
      6. Period-Over-Period Analysis Templates Revenue & Expense Comparisons
  5. Clay Lacy Account Profitability – Ensure Clay Lacy’s Tail Profit & Loss (P&L) Model produces accurate and actionable data for the aircraft you are assigned to work with, as well as other aircraft in the fleet as needed
    1. Monitor to ensure accurate allocations are accurately defined, based upon underlying activity basis
    2. Work with Director, Financial Planning and Reporting to further enhance and develop current internal processes related to Tail P&L Initiatives
  6. Other – All Other Tasks related to Clay Lacy’s Aircraft Financial Planning & Analysis Efforts, some of which are undefined
    1. Provide Internal CLA Teams with a Managed Fleet Direct Operating Cost List, summarizing each respective Tail # and Aircraft Type.  This is to be updated quarterly and dispersed to Charter/Flight Operations, Maintenance, and the Aircraft Management Teams
    2. Create and further develop a list of actions and department efficiency corrections to be taken within the first 12 months to further develop efficiencies within the group and ensure the positive effect on CLA’s customers, due to the current internal changes underway

Secondary Performance Objectives

Once the Analyst is performing the 2 Primary Performance Objectives above, a Secondary Performance Objective will be added to the role.  This Secondary Performance Objective will work alongside Clay Lacy’s Corporate Finance Team to deliver the below.

Corporate Financial Analysis

  1. Annual Budgeting – Work with the Corporate Finance team to develop an annual operating budget for the Remote Base
  2. Monthly Financials – Work with Remote Base site leader to review and analyze each month’s financials to:
    1. Compare Remote Base performance against Company Performance
    2. Determine areas for financial improvement
  3. Ad Hoc Reporting and Analysis – Work with the site leader to conduct financial ad hoc reporting which might be necessary to improve or scale the site. Projects might include:
    1. What-if analysis for Remote Base change management
    2. Feasibility analysis as a part of larger business plans relating to improvement projects

Performance Evaluation & Key Performance Indicators

Qualitative Key Performance Indicators are as follows

  • Was the employee proactive in addressing problems and challenges?
  • Was the employee accountable for his or her actions?
  • Did the employee pay attention to the details?
  • Did the employee do the right thing?
  • Did the employee act now and act with a sense of urgency in support if his or her colleagues and customers?
  • Quality of Service (Customer Satisfaction) of Remote Base Managed Aircraft customers

Quantitative Key Performance Indicators are as follows:

  • TouchPoints with Remote Base Customers – Compared to department goals
  • Consistency and Accuracy in providing financial planning, reporting, and analysis
  • Delivery of Monthly Reporting Deliverables – Accurate and on-time delivery
  • Remote Base Accounts Receivable Performance – Meet AR minimum goals
  • Adherence to CLA’s Policies & Procedures

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent preferred, as well as a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in financial reporting and customer service preferred.  Must also have the ability to present and discuss issues with Level 1, 2, and 3 Customers – Through email and phone communications, Meetings at CLA Facilities, and Meetings at Off-Site Locations thus including the associated travel requirements. 


Personality and Character


The ideal candidate will have most of the following traits:


  • Ability to make decisions without input and oversight
  • Strong technical ability and customer-facing financial presentation skills.
  • Strong analytical and financial reporting understanding and skills
  • Quick learner and capable of adding to analytical and technical skills on an ongoing basis
  • Open thinker willing to receive feedback for consistent improvement and ongoing employee development
  • Intermediate Computer Skills – MS Outlook, Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and CLA Programs/Financial Reporting Software
  • Strong organizational change agent.   
  • Ability to secure respect and credibility with team members, peers, CLA Leadership Team, and CLA customers. 
  • Collaborative working style, and skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities 
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing 
  • Skill in developing and examining operations and procedures, and assisting in formulating new policy, and developing and implementing strategies and procedures 
  • Employee development and performance management skills 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community   
  • Strategic thinker, capable of making key decisions quickly. 
  • Highly responsible, willing to “OWN” the process/project and outcome. 



Reporting Relationship

The position will report directly to the Director, Aircraft Financial Planning and Analysis


All applicants must submit to a pre-employment drug screen and background check.



Clay Lacy Aviation offers an excellent benefits package including medical, dental, vision, matching 401(K), and more to employees in full-time positions.


Equal Opportunity Employer

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the company provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.



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