Curriculum Developer
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Remote - Remote,
Fully Remote
$74,000.00 - $80,000.00

Are you a creative individual who possesses a strong knowledge of math curriculum and a passion for reimagining math education? Are you interested in working with a team of talented individuals focused on developing innovative curriculum, instructional resources, and strategies designed to build agency and identity in mathematics for students? Are you committed to embracing the challenge of transforming math education, inspiring curiosity, creativity, confidence, and joy through content that engages students in authentic experiences in mathematics?

MIND Research Institute is dedicated to research on learning, the brain, and developing effective math education programs, resources, and services. MIND's uniquely visual math education process engages the learner's spatial-temporal reasoning abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step problems.

We are currently seeking an experienced and innovative professional who is able to successfully design innovative curriculum resources and instructional supports that will transform the way teachers teach, students learn, and families engage with mathematics.

Do you have what it takes to join our team?

  • Do you thrive off of collaborating with others on your team, as well as other teams across the organization?

  • Are you a technology savant, especially when it comes to presenting design content?

  • Do you pride yourself in being able to foster an atmosphere of autonomy and trust where candid feedback is welcomed in the quest for continuous improvement?

  • Are you ready to partner closely with an inspiring group of highly talented folks to carry out a vision to impact education?

  • Do you have a genuine love for mathematics?

Did you answer, Yes! or even, Absolutely! to all of the above? Great! Let's get down to specifics.

What can you expect to work on?

  • Develop a comprehensive core curriculum including all related materials

  • Design resources and instructional support materials to increase teacher pedagogical content knowledge for teaching math (PCKT)

  • Develop innovative math lessons for PK-8 classes (common core and non-adopters) that build student conceptual understanding and teachers PCKT

  • Connect the resources developed to state and national standards, mathematical practices/processes, and help design other resource materials as needed

Help us reimagine math education by

  • Engaging in codesign with educators, students, and parents

  • Supporting the development of the teacher as a facilitator of learning, who guides students in persisting problem solving

  • Researching, applying, and innovating on current trends in instructional content and best practices

  • Researching and piloting instructional content, collecting data, evaluating, and making improvements

  • Developing innovative approaches to instruction that make learning social, collaborative, and connected to the students world

  • Designing experiences that promote student voice, identity, agency, curiosity, and critical and creative thinking

  • Integrating culturally relevant teaching practices and pedagogy into the curriculum

Help us develop a culture of joy, curiosity, and appreciation for mathematics by

  • Developing resources specifically designed to empower families to engage in mathematics in fun, interactive, and meaningful ways

  • Developing tasks and activities that are culturally relevant and help build positive math identity for students

  • Designing strategies, activities, and promoting opportunities that develop mathematical literacy

  • Designing instructional materials for using ST Math games to support learning and instruction with students, including the development of mathematical communication and vocabulary

  • Showcasing ways to use the games instructionally to help students make connections from the visuals and concepts learned to abstract mathematics

What you can bring to this position


  • Humility

  • Flexibility

  • Patience

  • Commitment to continual learning

  • Commitment to designing with an equity lens

Experience teaching students, working with teachers, and leading change

  • At least 5 years experience teaching math in a K-12 setting

  • Bachelor Degree required

  • Experience with ST Math a plus

Expertise in standards, best practices, and curriculum design

  • At least 3 years experience designing core curriculum

  • Demonstrated expertise with math standards, instructional strategies, and implementation

  • Deep knowledge of andragogical and pedagogical principles

  • Deep knowledge of instructional design principles

  • Expertise in assessment development a plus

  • Highly skilled in Microsoft Suite required (i.e., Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel)

Outstanding interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

  • Superlative writing, critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving required

  • Outstanding communication and collaboration skills

  • Ability to be self-motivated and work autonomously

  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment

  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace

  • Ability to look at situations from several points of view and be solution-oriented

After reading about the opportunity on our team, are you more excited than you were before? Are you committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and integrating it into your work? Still saying, Yes!? Then we absolutely want to talk with you!

This is a full time role on the Curriculum and Instruction Team, reporting to the Curriculum Development Manager. This is a fully remote role, and can be anywhere in the United States, as long as you don't mind turning on your webcam to build a rapport, even from a distance. This role will require occasional travel (when safe to do so).