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Friends' Central Summer Programs Head Counselor

Job Details

Middle & Upper School - Wynnewood, PA
Graduate Degree


Friends' Central Summer Programs Head Counselor

Seeking Seasonal Employment for Friends' Central Summer Programs which facilitates a summer camp experience for campers ages 7-12 at our Trailblazer Camp in Wynnewood, PA. Camp runs from June 26th to August 11th from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.


Friends' Central School is recognized for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the positive interactions between children and faculty. These characteristics, as well as fair play, acceptance, and respect for the individual, are emphasized in our summer programs. All summer employees are oriented and guided in following the Quaker practices for which the school is known.


Essential Job Functions:

This position requires the following tasks but is not limited to responsible leadership, participation in all camp activities, and responsibility for the general safety and development, growth, and skill achievement of the participants in their group. Ideal applicants will be highly motivated, hard-working, and flexible, demonstrate a desire to learn, show initiative, and have a sense of humor.



  • Be the point person with campers families
  • Send weekly updates to families every Friday
  • Plan and participate in activities for bunk time and themed days
  • Collaborate with bunk counselors in daily activities and plans
  • Provide a safe environment for all campers
  • Participate in lunch oversight with bunk counselors
  • Help bunk and special counselors set up, maintain, and clean up classroom and field space(s) at the start and end of each camp block/day
  • Participate in extra duties at camp as needed (assemblies, themed days, spirit time)




  • Prior teaching and/or camp experience required
  • Head counselors must be over 21 years of age
  • Bachelor's degree and experience with classroom students/campers are a plus


Please apply here. All applications should be completed by May 31,2023.


Friends Central School seeks candidates with a commitment to fostering an inclusive learning community who will address issues of diversity, as well as enhance the Philosophy of Inclusivity and Awareness articulated in our Diversity Statement.